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EWC Presenter: Who needs Flash, when we got HTML5?

The Presenter, a cloud-based tool for creating banner ads, presentation slides, infographics and product demos, has just undergone significant changes in usability and design. Presenter is a straight-forward tool for clearly defined purposes. At the time of this writing, Presenter can be used free of charge. Expect that to change, once the beta period ends, though there is no hint as to pricing. As Easy WebContent encourages you to "Try it for free, no credit card needed", it doesn’t seem far-fetched to assume a monetization strategy behind the product.


I reached out to Easy WebContent to get a little more information on that matter. Here’s what founder Payman Taei told me:

We will launch new features that are not available yet for Premium which will include but not be limited to:

  • ability to download HTML5 published file,  
  • more Custom Assets,
  • advanced features for further customization of elements,
  • additional special effects beyond what is available in free version,
  • and the ability to have a higher number of restore points and number of projects (free allows up to 10)

Via Baiba Svenca, villaves56