Geographic Variation in Access to Care — The Relationship with Quality | Heart and Vascular Health |

U.S. variation in health insurance or a connection to a regular source of care is sobering. In 2009 & 2010, the proportion of adults 18 -64 years old without health insurance ranged from 5% in Massachusetts, to more than 50% in areas in Texas.

High rates of uninsured residents pull down the quality of health care for insured & uninsured residents. Nearly half the U.S. population, about 155 million people, live in places where at least one in five adults 18 - 64 years old are uninsured. Uninsured people who are sick or injured often delay seeking treatment or end up relying on high-cost care in hospital emergency departments. They may also have more difficulty affording follow-up care on test results or timely preventive care.