Not all calories are the same - Low Glycemic index best. | Heart and Vascular Health |

Take Home Message:  Patients are understandably frustrated by the changing recommendations in diet strategies by physicians.  We previously recommended a low fat diet (AHA & USDA got it wrong), but the nutrition science is becoming compelling that this approach is a problem from a practical standpoint becuase consuming carbohydrates causes weight gain and associated problems including diabetes.  A strict "no carb" diet like Atkins is also problematic.  The low glycemic, carbohydrate restricted diet is sensible and medically sound.  Implementing it is difficult.  The approach recommended in the Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise is sound and easy to implement.  Its strength is helping people know where the sugar is in their diet and by reducing sugar (to 15 gms per day),  a lower glycemic index diet is achieved. Try it (I have).