Why do Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patient's not take their medications? | Heart and Vascular Health | Scoop.it

Key Takeaways:

Medications in CHF have been shown to reduce death and hospitalization rates.

Not reliably taking medications (nonadherence) rates are high. The factors predicting nonadherence remain unclear.  These authors identified 3 factors that more than doubled the likelihood of patients not "staying with the program"

1.  lapses in attention OR = 2.65

2.  excessive daytime sleepiness OR = 2.51

3.  Two or more medication dosings daily OR= 2.59


Adherence averaged about 84%, dosing adherence averaged 77%, and timing adherence averaged 63%.

Several factors anticipated to predict adherence were not significant predictors. Practical support for self-care, income, cost of medications, minor depression were all not predictors of adherence. The most likely reason for the difference between these results and past reports might be that most prior studies measured adherence using self-reportong.