ACE Inhibitor as Indulgence Pill | Heart and Vascular Health |

My comment:  Sounds like an attractive option.  Eat what you want but take a pill to avoid the consequences.  Unfortunately, this has already been tried in a large human study called NAVIGATOR.

Using the medicine Valsartan had a very small effect on reducing the progresion to diabetes (16%) and no effect on cardiovascular risk.  We still have to eat right and exercise. Sorry.


A steady diet of hamburgers, fries, and Coke might not hurt the heart and the waistline as much with the ACE inhibitor captopril on board. 

Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta fed a high-fat diet with plenty of trans fat and high-fructose corn syrup to mice, with all the expected unhealthy effects on obesity, insulin resistance, and heart parameters.

But adding captopril to the drinking water along with the unhealthy diet reduced and even reversed weight gain, blocked abdominal fat gain, and improved glucose tolerance compared with controls. The drug also prevented the cardiac hypertrophy and cardiac dysfunction that developed in the other mice.