Profits, Quality, and U.S. Hospitals - Are For-Profits worse? | Heart and Vascular Health |

Ashish Jha – physician, health policy researcher comments on quality  and ratings.  For-profits make up about 20% of all hospitals & many of them are part of large chains (such as HCA). Critics of for-profit hospitals have argued that these institutions sacrifice good patient care in their search for better financial returns. Supporters argue that there is little evidence that their behavior differs substantially from non-profit institutions or that their care is meaningfully worse.

His conclusion "The best part of looking at data is that you get to draw your own conclusions. Here are mine. Public hospitals are struggling on nearly every metric. For-profit hospitals outside of the HCA are a mixed bag – they do worse on patient experience (as we’ve found before), better on processes measures, & somewhat worse on mortality and readmission rates. They are about average on the Leapfrog safety score."