Long-Term Prognosis Following Cardiac Arrest: Role of Angioplasty & Cooling | Heart and Vascular Health | Scoop.it

Take Home Message: Out of hospital cardiac arrest is still an enormous problem.  Looking at the patients successfully recussitated only 1 in 6 patients survived to discharge.  Best practices of angioplasty and cooling the patient initially resulted in better long term outcomes.


This study looked at the influence of angioplasty (PCI)  & therapeutic hypothermia (TH) on long-term outcome. It's known that these strategies improve survival to hospital discharge but not much is known about long term outcomes. 

This study looked at adults who had nontraumatic cardiac arrest & discharged alive. Of the 5,958 persons who received EMS-attempted resuscitation

=> 16.8% discharged alive from hospital

=> PCI performed in 38.4%

=> TH performed in 25.6%

Five-year survival:

=> With PCI 78.7% vs. without PCI 54.4%

=> With TH  77.5%  vs. 60.4%  without TH

Conclusions: The effects of acute hospital interventions for post-resuscitation treatment extend beyond hospital survival & influences prognosis to 5 years.