Healthy Homes Eco-Thresholds Initiative
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Healthy Homes Eco-Thresholds Initiative
Our impact mission is to build sustainable net-zero affordable healthy pre-fabricated housing for 60-100 AMI Chicago, Illinois area residents. Visit our site at for more details and information.
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Scooped by Jim Gramata!

Is Amazon Prime eco-friendly or wasteful?

Is Amazon Prime eco-friendly or wasteful? | Healthy Homes Eco-Thresholds Initiative |
Is Amazon Prime eco-friendly or wasteful? Does the ease of free, one-click shipping outweigh the potential environmental costs?
Jim Gramata's insight:

An interesting question to consider. I have the packaging waste but the transportation distances are cut way down and must be a positive for carbon footprint from cradle to customer. 

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DOM(E): Sustainable Geodesic Prefab for Any Location

DOM(E): Sustainable Geodesic Prefab for Any Location | Healthy Homes Eco-Thresholds Initiative |

No Rules Just Architecture has created DOM(E), an prefabricated off-grid home that is an eco-friendly and portable shelter. DOM(E) provides optimal living conditions no matter where it is located and is less expensive than traditional construction, while making the best use of natural energy resources.


DOM(E) can be folded for transport and assembled on-site. Its shape provides for natural ventilation while utilizing an underground duct system for heating and cooling. Solar panels connect to a hot water tank and rainwater collection systems can be made part of the drainage system that surrounds the enclosure.

Find more details and images at the article link.

Via Lauren Moss
Ursula O'Reilly Traynor's comment, July 30, 2013 4:35 AM
we love this! ty Lauren!
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very impressive!
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