Urban Farming: an Architect’s Answer to 'Green'? | Healthy Recipes and Tips for Healthy Living | Scoop.it

Sustainable. Local. Natural. Green. Architects talk about these words all the time but what do they really mean?

'To present the concept of Urban Farming, I’ve collected images of existing urban farms that are already “digging into” (on/over/through) the built environment – doing amazing things for food, people, cities, communities, and sustainability –  as well as conceptual urban farming architecture – projects which begin to rethink the word “farm,” especially in the urban environment, and offer a very bold response to the question, “What is Green Architecture?” Some of these ideas may seem pretty far-fetched, but I’ll bet not many people thought we’d be farming all over rooftops in NYC either! And they’re not only doing it, they’re doing it sustainably + successfully. Architecture could stand to learn a thing or 2 from these urban farms…'

Via Lauren Moss