Beyond spirituality: the role of meditation in mental health | Healthy Living To The Max |

Science is beginning to show that meditation can have a major impact on the way our brain and bodies function, write Jonathan Krygier and Andrew Kemp.


My thoughts

After reading this article, I learned the impacts of meditating to your life and i'm shocked (but in a good way!) Meditating has many perks when it comes to improving your mental health. You'll be able to reduce blood pressure, lower your heart rate, and have deeper and calmer breathing. You can also increase your immune functiionality and perhaps change the structure of your brain. Of course, meditation also helps relieve your anxiety which helps me a lot, even though I'm so young, I've been very stressed lately but meditating has helped a lot! Meditating helps prevent cellular damage to your brain caused by stress and helps regulate your "amygalda" which is a region in your brain that responds to threats.



Via Sakis Koukouvis