Good Nutrition Data: No Longer Hard To Find?  Nutritionix | Healthy Living Lifestyle |

Changing diets and consumer preferences are forcing restaurants and food brands to find ways to share nutrition and ingredient information with their customers. Also, restaurant chains with 20 or more locations are now required to provide detailed nutrition information on their menus, thanks to a provision upheld in ”Obamacare.” But many don’t have have central databases to easily organize and publish this data.
Similarly, startups building recipe, grocery, and restaurant nutrition and discovery tools face major challenges with obtaining accurate consumer packaged good (CPG) data and nutrition data. These startups are forced to clean and restructure data on 7,500 basic items from the USDA’s National Nutrient Database or to license expensive – $100,000+ annually- and often outdated, CPG databases from companies like ESHA, Nutribase, Gladson and FoodFacts.
Nutritionix is trying to tackle this problem by building a suite of tools that allow restaurants and food brands to organize and publish their nutritional data, thereby making it easier for consumers to interact with it.......