Healthy Living Goals and Plan
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Healthy Living Goals and Plan
Planning for a healthy lifestyle
Curated by Gina Gomez
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Stress Management

Learn ways to manage stress with reduction techniques, exercises, stress-management strategies and meditation. Discover the physical and psychological symptoms of stress.


My thoughts: I never really give myself time to just rest and meditate and I know that during the school year I definitely need to so that is why I chose to have a stress management plan to be one of my goals. Not only because it will help me perform better in school but also I won't be as tired during the day and so stressed about school work. This article is credible because it defines what stress is and gives good tips on how to manage stress.

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Yasmeen Lee's comment, March 25, 2013 12:18 PM
I thought this link was very helpful in determining the things I can do to avoid having a lot of stress in my day. Like many people around the world I face accumulating stress and pressure weighing me down. For example, the anticipation of college notifications while trying to maintain good grades in the final stretch of high school adds enormous pressure on students. In this article, ways I can relieve stress is meditate and do yoga. Sure it sounds unbelievable to think that you can take time out of your busy schedule to have time for yourself but if you do meditate or do yoga you will feel reenergized and stress free. I learned that it is important to take time to focus on you before dealing with the daily burdens. If you let stress take control of your life your body will react negatively and your immune system will weaken. I am going to start taking time for myself to just relax and stop thinking of deadlines and work because I want to make a positive impact on my health.
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Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101 | Healthy Living Goals and Plan |

Nutrition tips, food plans, and more.




My thoughts: I never really thought of having to stay on a budget for grocery shopping because it does add up when you get to the cashier to pay. Having to plan, looking for the best prices and using coupons and such. These helpful tips will help you eat on a budget. :)

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How to Stay Fit

How to Stay Fit | Healthy Living Goals and Plan |

Tired of going to the gym after a long day at the office or you don’t have the financial muscle to enroll in the nearby gym?


My thoughts: Just thinking of having to go to the gym makes me even more lazy but on this article it gave me some good tips on how to stay fit with not having to go to the gym and saving some money. I used this information in my project by starting to drink more water and increasing the time I excercise each day.

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