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Oct. 19 #HITsm TweetChat Topics

Oct. 19 #HITsm TweetChat Topics | |
  • Topic 1: When can we seriously say the data being captured and stored in EHRs is actually leading, on a broad scale, to new opportunities for patient care?
  • Topic 2: Do hospitals prioritize complete data capture more for maximum reimbursement or an aid for clinicians in providing better patient care?
  • Topic 3: Does electronic data entry really take more time than paper notes? What can improve speed?

Topics 1, 2 and 3 were inspired by this Jeff Rowe article in EHR Watch, “Big Data is coming, but when will it really be useful?

  • Topic 4: Interoperability. What can be done to increase awareness of the CCD and CDA standards that will be used for data exchange per Meaningful Use?

For those not familiar with #HITsm TweetChats, #HITsm is an acronym for “healthcare IT social media” and we focus on current topics that are influencing healthcare technology, health IT, and the use of social media in healthcare. Topics will be published during the chat by the @HealthStandards Twitter account.

It’s easy to join the Twitter conversation by logging in to the TweetChat room , which automatically keeps you in the conversation by tagging all tweets with the #HITsm hash tag. If you are unable to access the TweetChat room, simply search in Twitter for #HITsm and you can follow the conversation. To contribute, be sure and tag your tweets with #HITsm so they can be seen by the other chat participants.

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