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The entire human race, by its very design is vulnerable to the ups and downs in health over time. From infanthood to old-age, people do fall ill at some point in their life or the other. Over the years, with growing advancement in medical treatments and healthcare, post-illness recovery for people in most parts of the globe has become quicker and better.


Try as one may though, it is still humanly impossible to live a life without needing medical care at various points in life. Reasons for this condition range from regular aging and generic wear and tear of the human body, to epidemics, lifestyle diseases and accidents. The bottom line remains that human life and medical aid go hand-in-hand with each other. The Pharmaceutical majors and other industry bigwigs are in hot pursuit for better, quicker cures for modern day sufferings such as life-style diseases and ailments that are endemic to populations living in specific geographic areas.


The health-care industry on the other hand, is locked in a perennial drive to provide better medical care with the twin aims of reducing pain and treatment times. Quality does not come cheap though and treatment with most of the better known health-care providers’ is known to cost a fair bit. At the end of the day though, it is an inherent human tendency to opt for the best available medical care that they can afford for themselves and their loved ones.


This is where the insurance industry comes through as a knight in shining armour. Not only does health insurance enable better quality medical assistance, but also lowers the financial blow thereby giving people the best chance of caring for their loved ones. But not all health insurance covers are the same. In-fact, there is a wide range of offerings from various insurers across multiple price points, with each offering their own bouquet of benefits and conveniences. Now, having the right insurance cover can prove to be a veritable life-saver and this is one of the key reasons behind the need for making an informed decision.


To help ease the decision making hassles, here’s a few tips to keep in mind:


1) One of the criteria for determining the eligibility and risk exposure for health insurance companies is the age of the applicant (s). Thus, the sooner one opts for medical insurance, the better it is


2) Each insurance company has their own guidelines on the age limit for medical coverage.  Needless to say, one must opt for the policy that offers coverage for a longer time period. This holds true even if the said policy premium is higher than others that are valid for a lower period of time


3) Cashless is the way to go with insurance and this is especially true when it concerns health insurance. Those doubting the wisdom behind this would do well to remember that time is at a premium during medical emergencies and it is better to utilize the time available to focus on the recovery of the loved ones


4) Each insurer has their own set of medical health care facilities on their panel of approved providers. It is a good idea to perform a closer inspection of this list to ensure that the service providers are up-to standard and that they would be easily accessible while staying within the financial boundaries


5) The lure of a lower out-go is ever-present and those tempted should bear in mind the long-term implications of their potential decision. From being under-insured to not having access to the right medical service providers, the risks could even turn out to be life threatening


6) Every medical insurance policy is governed by its own set of limitations and restrictions. One should be extra watchful about this and go through the fine-print of the policy with a keen eye. Keep a look out for information that points to the stuff such as information regarding coverage of pre-existing diseases, caps on hospitalization charges and purchase of medication


7) Insurance agents, comparison websites and the insurance companies themselves that allow people to purchase health insurance online are the some of the more popular avenues to purchase health insurance



At the end of the day, the sole aim is to maximize and bolster the safety net that health insurance offers. So choose wisely and secure the health of yourself and your loved ones in the best way possible.