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Board Certified Doctors Available Even After Clinic Hours

Board Certified Doctors Available Even After Clinic Hours | Health - House call doctors |

Finding a physician during regular weekdays is not difficult however it is tough to find a physician after clinic hours. Most of the clinics get shut down after 5pm in the evening and it is tough to find a clinic after the regular clinic hours. Emergency room is the only option available to treat the patient after clinic hours. Although there are certain clinics that provide patient walk in service still the patient has to wait for hours to consult the doctor.

 It will be not only frustrating but will be life threatning  for patients who needs immediate medical attention like the one suffering from heart attack, diarrhoea, respiratory problems, etc. Phoenix emergency room is available even after clinic hours and the doctor arrives at your home with just a phone call.

Limited number of clinics will be only available till 7pm however they will attend only emergency patients who are in critical condition. Emergency rooms are always busy and with the arrival of new patients in critical condition you’ll need to wait for long time to treat for simple diseases like fever, stomach pain, cough, etc. Needless to say, emergency rooms are usually expensive than the regular clinics. If you are from an economically middle class family or if you do not have proper insurance coverage then ER rooms will not be the best choice. As ER rooms are crowded always, it will be difficult for kids and terminally ill patients to wait for long time.

Emergency room Scottsdale are best for persons suffering from breathing problems, profuse bleeding, severe chest pain, etc.  There is a great difference between an emergency room and a regular clinic, when a patient enters the ER, trained professionals like nurse or paramedic persons attend them immediately. They make a list of all the symptoms and vital signs.

For instance, if a patient arrives at 10 am at Paradise Valley urgent care with severe chest pain along with high blood pressure then the patient will be taken to the treatment area and a doctor will attend them and start the treatment immediately. Even if the rooms are full with other patients suffering from throat pain or stomach ache, the patient with chest pain will be given priority. Kids or old aged persons, no one likes to wait for long time in an emergency room for long time.

 Walk-in-Clinics are best for treating regular diseases and they usually cover insurance however these clinics do not have modern equipments to deal with medical emergency condition.

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Things to Consider While Hiring a House Call Physician

Things to Consider While Hiring a House Call Physician | Health - House call doctors |

We are Mobile Emergency Physicians providing state of the art, compassionate, Urgent Medical Care in the comfort of your home, hotel, or workplace.


House call doctors provide immediate treatment for emergency conditions as well as for any type of diseases. House call physicians are available in plenty but you need to choose them carefully based upon your need and requirement. There are various things you need to consider while hiring a house call doctor and here are few tips that would help you to choose the best house call doctor. Reference from friends and colleagues.


You can ask for suggestions from your friends and colleagues. Obviously that would be highly helpful to find the best house call physician. Also ask them about the quality of service they received and the modern equipments available with the physician. Don’t forget to ask about the fees charged by the physician. If everything is fine you can go ahead and choose the physician.


Search over internet.


Internet is a powerful tool that allows you to look for almost anything. You can search using the keyword ‘best house call doctor’, house call physician along with your locality name, etc. You have to go carefully through each and every search engine result; also don’t forget to look for reviews about the physician. Most of the reviews are given by patients and this feedback would be highly helpful to choose the best house call physician.


Certified or not


The next thing you need to do is to check whether the physician is certified or not. There are different boards available in America and a house call doctor must be certified from at least one of them like American College of Emergency Physician, American Academy of Home Care Physicians, etc.  A certified doctor is more trustworthy and obviously will offer quality service to patients.


Physicians Availability 


No one knows when you will be in need of a physician. So call and enquire whether the physician will be available throughout the week especially on weekends. A house call physician must be within your reach especially during wee hours.


Modern devices


Scottsdale emergency room has all the modern equipments blood pressure meter, ECG machine, pulse oximeter, defibrillator, etc. He must also have the facility to perform simple tests like urine analysis, blood sugar test, etc.


Check the website


If the house call doctor has a website, then go and visit it and find the complete details like facilities available, services offered, specialization he has done, etc.


While going through the website it gives you an overall idea about the physician and the services offered by him. You can also call him over phone or email and know about the cost for different services.

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