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In some field of sports such as basketball, tournaments, or dunk contests, it is so important to jump high. Developed by Adam Folker, Vert Shock is an useful tool for this purpose. Adam Folker is a professional basketball player and earned a full scholarship from the University of California and worked with a lot of world trainers. This program is the real deal and has been tested in brutal competition. It is basically based on bodyweight and those polymeric exercises. Within the e-book, you are going to learn a set of exercises to train the central nervous system of the human body into jumping higher. The author, Adam Folker promises to help users to add more than 32 inches to their vertical jump while cutting down training time and reducing the injury risk. There will be no heavy weight lifting routines, so it is not going to stunt your growth. Vert Shock program has earned a lot of praises from users all over the world after it release. From men to women, the program brings amazing results for most people within a matter of weeks regardless of age or their experience levels. To verify the claims of the creator about his product’s effectiveness, decides to complete this brief Vert Shock review.

Generally, the system is broken down into 3 phases, which are pre-shock phase, the shock phase, and the post-shock phase. After about 8 weeks of training through these 3 phases, you will be able to add 9-15 inches to your vertical jump. In concrete, in this Vert Shock e-guide, the author teaches you tips to get the explosive power “on tap” like Kobe and Jordan. In the first phase, you will get to know how to increase by 3-5 inches. The second phase aims to help you leap higher in the period of 6 weeks. The last phase helps you make what your body has learned in the previous phases become cemented in your muscle memory.

You will learn how to enhance your lateral speed exponentially, how to get you noticed by recruiting services and scouts, and how to force your coach to give you more court time. In addition, you also explore tips to let you block shots off the glass, and ways to get a psychological advantage over other players. In fact, there are two main kinds of muscles in the human body, including body-slow twitch muscle fibers and the quick twitch muscle fibers. This Vert Shock program aims to train the quick twitch muscle fibers. Actually, other high jump training systems might result in serious injuries such as patellar tendonitis. Unlike them, Vert Shock uses breakthrough exercises which increase the inches of your jump every week with less work. Moreover, the program is user-friendly and there is no need to purchase any additional equipment and people do not need to read too much material when learning this product. It does not involve in too much technical stuff. Thanks to this program, you will get explosive power to jump, improve lateral speed and cut down reaction time, and enhance your strength and boost your endurance. Additionally, this e-guide has helped people develop many other skills like shooting, dribbling, defence, and mental toughness. In reality, Adam not only toughens up users’ muscular activity, it also provides mental toughness to his customers. It imbibes the sense of confidence in the sport players and therefore their reflexes and power will get an improvement.

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