Worldwide - An exciting new British health firm has today announced an intention to expand operations and cater for the international market with their completely non-surgical approach to bunion treatment. A representative for the company has disclosed that, after only six months of trading, their Bunion Sleeve product will now be available in the German language with plans to release French, Spanish and Italian versions in the near future.


Established in August 2013, Bunion Sleeve offer a refreshing and innovative alternative to painful medical treatments that is becoming increasingly popular with both athletes and the general public alike. Made in Japan for Gower Health & Fitness Solutions, this product has helped thousands of people to better deal with the impact of bunions, including the company’s top man Michael, who had previously suffered from the affliction for many years.


Originally, Michael had been an avid jogger, but after years of dealing with the pain and discomfort caused by bunions, he truthfully believed his running days were over. That was until he discovered the Bunion Sleeve and found the product to work like magic. After only a short time, Michael was able to once again partake in his favourite hobby without experiencing discomfort.


Bunions are basically a painful swelling that occurs around the big toe joints and is mainly hereditary. Individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet are particularly impacted. Although the condition is treatable with surgery, most people find the procedure to be incredibly painful and so they try to avoid it. And it is not a guarantee of a permanent solution. Unfortunately, this means having to deal with pain on a daily basis - something nobody wants to endure.


In most instances, bunions are irritated by wearing ill fitting shoes that are too tight and rub against the big toe joint as the individual walks. Though a lot of men do suffer from the condition, it’s usually more prevalent in women, and this is thought to be a result of wearing high-heeled shoes.


The Bunion Sleeve works by gently realigning the big toe, alleviating pressure on the joint. The product is perfect for both light and intense activities, as it works to rehabilitate the affected area and straighten the damaged joint.


Anyone wishing to find out more or purchase an ultrathin bunion corrector from the company can do so by visiting their website or getting in touch via the contact details listed below.


This product is guaranteed to change the way we look at bunions today!



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