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Different Types of Factors that Affect Blood Alcohol Concentration -

Christopher's insight:

Alcohol concentration in blood depends upon various factors, sometimes a person may have consumed low amount of alcohol but the device would show a very high reading. There are various factors that decide the amount of alcohol in blood and if you are aware of those factors then it would be highly helpful to measure the alcohol concentration in blood accurately. You will find here the different factor that affects blood alcohol concentration.


Age: The blood alcohol concentration level is higher in an older person than a younger person for the same amount of alcohol consumed. It is due to the difference in metabolic rate between a younger and older person.

Gender: Blood alcohol content in blood also differs based on gender basis. Normally men will have a higher amount of water content in body while woman will have a lower amount when compared with the male counterparts. As alcohol is water soluble it gets dissolved fast in men than in women. Moreover men will have higher amount of enzymes in stomach than woman. High quantity of enzymes will quickly break down the alcohol and the BAC will be lower in men for the same amount of alcohol consumed.

Fat/Obese body: The speed of breaking down of alcohol is lower in obese or fatty person. Alcohol remains in the blood stream until it broken down by liver. However if the person has more muscle that has higher amount of water content absorbs alcohol at much faster rate.

Alcohol consumption rate: If a person consumes alcohol at a faster rate, then the blood alcohol content will also rise faster. To avoid getting more alcohol content in the blood stream instantly the rate of consumption must be lower. Do not measure the alcohol level in blood using breathalyzer instantly after consuming alcohol.

Food: There is greater difference in the rate of alcohol entering the blood stream when the stomach is empty and when it is full with food. For instance, drinking in empty stomach will raise the blood alcohol content quickly and value in the breathalyzer would be higher than you expect.

Carbonated drinks: Drinking alcohol along with carbonated drinks increases the rate in which it is absorbed into the blood stream. Sodas generally have the property to increase the metabolic rate in which the alcohol is passed through the stomach. Don't check the BAC using a portable breathalyzer after taking alcohol along with soda as it will show a higher value.

Medications: There are certain medications that can increase the amount of alcohol in blood stream. Aspirin, cough medicines, anti-depressants and various other medicines can amplify the alcohol content in blood instantly.

Altitude: If you are at a higher place than sea level the amount of alcohol gets absorbed into the blood stream faster however it is not scientifically proven.

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Scooped by Christopher!

Advantages of Using Breathalyzer -

Christopher's insight:

The number of people using breathalyzer is on the rise during these days. The device can be otherwise called as a lifesaver as it can save the precious life of a person from accident. Breathalyzer would come in handy at various situations and protects the life of the driver as well as the passenger by avoiding collision due to drunken driving. Breath alcohol tester avoids from meeting with collision and from expensive penalties.

In this article let's discuss in brief the advantages of owning a breathalyzer.

(1) Alcohol breath tester can help to test the level of alcohol in blood instantly. Just blow into the mouthpiece and it will show the level of alcohol in blood accurately.

(2) Compactness of the personal alcohol breath tester makes it easy to be carried anywhere without difficulty. Just slip into the backpack and take it wherever you go. If you are driving back home from a party blow into the device and make sure the level of alcohol is lower than the prescribed level.

(3)Breath alcohol tester is a non-invasive procedure and it does not require you to take blood from body to test the amount of alcohol consumed by you.

(4) Drunken driving can cause serious consequences especially if caught by police or law enforcement agencies. Drunken drivers have to either face penalty or rigorous imprisonment, but a breathalyzer prevents it.

(5) Breathalyzer can measure the alcohol level in the blood accurately when compared with other methods. If you find the level of alcohol is higher than the specific level then it is good to avoid driving.

(6)Incase if your car is chauffeur driven then breathalyzer device is a must, you can stay worry free by having a car breathalyzer unit. It creates a safe environment for the passengers and the driver.

(7) Breathalyzer devices are completely easy to use and even a layman can use it without much difficulty.

(8) The efficiency of the device is very much higher and it can be used anywhere including workplace, office or at home to measure the level of alcohol in blood.

(9)Breathalyzer device is highly helpful for police and other law enforcement agencies. They can use it in highway to check drunken drivers and prevent accident. It is an effective tool to stop accident and avoid the risk of drivers live.

(10)Inbuilt car breathalyzers prevents a drunken driver from igniting the car thereby preventing accident. Car breathalyzers with advanced features makes the driver to breathe at regular intervals to make sure that the driver has not fooled and started the car by blowing air with a person who has not drunk.

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