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Rescooped by Ra-eesah Mohamed from Infotention!

How to write faster

How to write faster | Health and Wellness |

"Significant gains in writing productivity can be gained by a combination of the right kind of practice and the right kind of tools. I’ve written about many of these tools and techniques previously, but I’ve organised all the advice here into a three step program, with links to useful resources.

Review your writing tools

Often the ‘industry standard’ software is not the best tool for the job. Take Word processors as just one example. You must move back and forth over the text to achieve flow and make sure everything is in the right place. If you can move around your documents more easily your writing speed will increase. Unfortunately the industry default, MS Word, does not, out of the box, perform this task well.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will know this is the key reason I am a huge Scrivener fan. Scrivener is a different kind of word processor that enables you to write ‘chunks’ and move them around easily..."

Via Howard Rheingold
Ra-eesah Mohamed's insight:

writing faster in class is a constant battle in lectures then learning how to write faster seems like a legit tool to use in everyday life. 


Howard Rheingold's curator insight, September 25, 2013 12:36 PM

This is about infotention -- "combination of the right kind of practice and the right kind of tools." I share thesis whisperer's enthusiasm for Scrivener for long projects or even short writing projects that have many moving parts.

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Sunscreen Blocks Body's Ability To Make Vitamin D Can using sunscreen lead to you becoming unhealthy?

Via Troy Mccomas (troy48)
Ra-eesah Mohamed's insight:

with summer comming up most of us are ready for fun in the sun. watchout for sunblock though. it might protect you from burning in the suns harsh rays, but it also prevents the body from producing any vitamin D. which in turn could cause it to be more harmful than useful. _ Ra-eesah Mohamed

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The Rise of Social Media as a Career (Infographic)

The Rise of Social Media as a Career (Infographic) | Health and Wellness |

Over the last few years, careers in social media have exploded as companies realize the value of reaching their customers on the medium where they spend most of their time.

According to data from LinkedIn compiled by social marketing platform Offerpop, there has been a remarkable 1,357 percent increase in social media positions posted on LinkedIn since 2010.


For more on the rise of social media jobs, take a look at the infographic at the article link.

Via Lauren Moss
Ra-eesah Mohamed's insight:

with so many journalism students, jobs may seem scarce, but don't fear The Social Media Expertrs are here and they are promising us jobs for the future. healthy minds deserve jobs. 

Ali Anani's curator insight, October 3, 2013 12:33 AM

!357% increase in job opportunities since 2010 is a remarkable trend

Realm Crew's curator insight, October 15, 2013 10:54 PM

Social Media isn't just for fun anymore. It's not for everyone either.  Some people are better off running thier business and letting a Social Media Agency manage their brand.

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Japanese fast-food chain to farm in Fukushima

Japanese fast-food chain to farm in Fukushima | Health and Wellness |
Major Japanese fast-food chain Yoshinoya said Tuesday it would grow rice and vegetables in Fukushima prefecture, home to the nuclear plant that was crippled by a tsunami in 2011.

Via Frank Kusters
Ra-eesah Mohamed's insight:

The Japanese have decided to grow rice and vegetable crops on an old nuclear plant. Officials stated that the ground and soil would be tested for any chemical spikes and just the general wellness of the crops for consumption purposes. _ Ra-eesah Mohamed


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