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Athletes 'smarter' than students

Athletes 'smarter' than students | Health and Physical Education |
An experiment that pitted top athletes against university students came up with some surprising results.


Professional athletes learn quicker than university students to unravel complex visual data, says a study that challenges the age-old brains-vs-brawn cliche.

Via Peter Mellow
Kolby Monczko's insight:

This is an interesting article about elite althete's superior ability to quickly learn new concepts and skills. Professional sportsmen, amateur athletes and non-sporty university students were put through a 3-D visual test. The results were surprising because it was the first test to confirm athlete's superior ablilities through cognitive testing. After reading this you may want to think twice about who the 'smart' kids are!

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Science Of The Summer Olympics: The Biomechanics Of Usain Bolt

Science Of The Summer Olympics: The Biomechanics Of Usain Bolt | Health and Physical Education |
Understanding the physical forces that move Usain Bolt to victory

Via Sakis Koukouvis
Kolby Monczko's insight:

How does the understanding of biomechanical principals improve an athlete's performance in their given skill or sport?

Why is it uncommon for proffesional athletes to have their technique corrected?

Nicholas Bray's curator insight, May 2, 2013 2:06 AM

During the senior phase of physical education (year 11-12) track and field is a sport that is covered and is quite often paired with the theory aspect of biomechanics. This page provies a video series which will enable students to get ideas of the ideal biomechanical model (Usain Bolt - Fastest man ever) for sprinting which is a base for a number of other events.