Do Statins cause dementia? | Healing Chronic Pain & Disease |

Adults with no history of cognitive dysfunction treated with statins were included from high-quality randomized controlled trials and prospective cohort studies after formal bias assessment. Sixteen studies were included in qualitative & 11 in quantitative synthesis.

Short-term trials did not show a consistent effect of statin therapy on cognitive end points. Long-term cognition studies included 23,443 patients with a mean exposure duration of 3 to 24.9 years. Three studies found no association between statin use and incident dementia, and 5 found a favorable effect. Pooled results revealed a 29% reduction in incident dementia in statin-treated patients.

Conclusion In patients without baseline cognitive dysfunction, short-term data are most compatible with no adverse effect of statins on cognition, and long-term data may support a beneficial role for statins in the prevention of dementia.

Via Seth Bilazarian, MD