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In the past five years, we have seen QR Codes seep into marketing plans. First  seen in magazines and on food packaging and then later on metro commuter signs,  newspaper ads and retail signage. What’s next?

Well, get ready for the second wave of QR Codes marketing ideas in  2013.


In the past few months, QR Codes have been popping up in unique places:

My recent Amtrak ticket stub had a QR marketing tag with the option to  purchase my next ticket.A flyer included in my cell phone bill contained nine QR Codes to advertise  new mobile apps.My NYC hotel had a QR Code in my room to announce a mobile concierge  service.Last week, I purchased cupcakes at one of those popular gourmet cupcake  shops, and their weekly specialty menu was just a scan from the tag on their  bright pink box.

My firm is currently working on re-introducing QR Code marketing to our  clients. Just some of the markets we are working on this Spring include the  Festival and Events vertical market, the Real Estate market and the Retail  market.



Via Russ Merz, Ph.D.