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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Identity Theft

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Identity Theft | Hass and Associates | Scoop.it
Maikka Alder's insight:

Identity theft has become one of the biggest concerns for Americans. However, it is also one of the most misunderstood subjects among consumers. We are always looking for ways to protect ourselves from fraud. Credit card fraud or identity theft can turn your life upside down, especially if you have to spend time with law enforcement or incur legal charges. It’s always best to prevent identity theft instead of trying to fix problems once they start. There are plenty of ways that you can make yourself safer as a consumer. If you follow some of the steps below, you are much less likely to become a victim of identity theft.


Fake Wi-Fi Hotspots

While public Wi-Fi hotspots are extremely convenient, they can also be very dangerous. Make sure you avoid generic Wi-Fi hotspots names, such as “Hotel Wi-Fi” or “Airport Wi-Fi.” Once you log into a fake Wi-Fi hotspot, thieves can gain access to everything in your phone, tablet or computer. That means usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and any other important data that you’ve used online. You’ll want to be cautious about which public hotspots you use, and what information you disclose online in public areas.


Medical Identity Theft

Medical identity theft is an increasing threat. The medical field is growing every year, and more individuals are getting treatment, prescriptions and using health insurance. But when you enter your name and social security number online for these medical services, you can be putting yourself at risk. Make sure you only give critical personal information at medical centers, and do so in person. You’ll also want to check with your health insurance company on a regular basis to ensure that all charges are legitimate.


Mail Redirects

Are you receiving less mail then you used to? Are you getting calls and emails about products you’ve never ordered? You might be the victim of a mail redirect scheme. Mail redirect schemes occur when a thief uses your personal information to request an address change from the Post Office. The thieves change your mail to an address of their choosing, where they can collect your personal information and open up new accounts. Make sure you shred personal information and stop junk mail and other unwanted solicitations.


Search Engine Manipulation

Search engine manipulation, sometimes called search engine poisoning, refers to the act of thieves manipulating search engine results so that fake websites looking for your information show up in a higher position in the listings. Maybe you Google your bank’s name, and click on a phony website that shows up higher than usual. That phony website looks like the real thing, except it collects all of your entered personal information and feeds it to identity thieves.


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Scooped by Maikka Alder

Trädgård Tour-Madrid trädgård höjdpunkter

Trädgård Tour-Madrid trädgård höjdpunkter | Hass and Associates | Scoop.it
Caixa Forum, Madrid centre & Retiro Park You'd have to be fairly crazy to visit Madrid in August, let alone hire a bike so you could blast round the gardens and famous 370 acre Retiro park all ...
Maikka Alder's insight:

Stewart Hass and Associates LC Madrid


Caixa Forum, Madrid centrum & Retiro Park


Du måste vara ganska galet att besöka Madrid i augusti, för att inte tala om att hyra en cykel så att du kan spränga runt trädgården och berömda 370 hektar Retiroparken alla i dag...


Men är det precis vad jag fann mig själv göra förra veckan!


Varför på jorden? Gå inte dit, lång historia, men den korta versionen är två månader försenad jag med min trädgård rundtur i Spanien, så jag är i delar jag inte förväntar sig att vara i denna tid på året. Otroligt, var vädergudarna känslan ovanligt snäll dagen jag var där, och temps fick aldrig över 26° C medan jag var skrämma turister och lokalbefolkning på min cykel.


se hela artikeln: http://www.successfulgardendesign.com/garden-tour-madrid-garden-highlights/


GILLA VÅR SIDA PÅ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stewart-Hass-Associates-LC/158535140863876

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Glamour Smart små Front Yard hage designideer

now we have plan to share the Glamour Smart Small Front Yard Garden Design Ideas for your garden. Really, the inspirational elegance pictures may make for
Maikka Alder's insight:

Stewart Hass and Associates LC Madrid


nå har vi tenkt å dele Glamour Smart liten Front Yard hage designideer til hagen din. Virkelig kan inspirerende eleganse bildene gjøre for ulike gammeldags dekor dekor. Derfor er Glamour Smart liten Front Yard hage designideer fasjonable, luksus og inspirerende ideer for mange trender. Jeg sterkt anbefalt galleriene, hvordan best hage design er det ikke? Det fullført med fancy fargetoner og nyeste trender bolig design. Vi kan oppnå andre raciness etableringen av hage inkludert storhet stiler og futuristisk design.


Glamour Smart liten Front Yard hage designideer er bra for luksus bolig med fantasifulle ideer spesielt for små hjem innredning. Noen som kjenner det lille huset er en av problemet i trender huset interiøret. dermed hva må vi gjøre? mange utviklere styrke tilordne funksjonelle bolig tilbehør som klassiske møbler sett, LED lamper, og mange andre. Gunstig møbler vil hjelpe designere å oppnå dobbel funksjoner i ett møbler. hus dekorasjon som liten hage må beste kvalitetsmøbler. Du kan finne mange typer som osmanske laget av topp komponenter. Uansett, funksjonelle er nødvendige tiltak for liten hage og andre rom i en husholdning.


Er du leser minimalistisk residence design ideer bilde? Glamour Smart små Front Yard hage designideer pic er utmerket som anbefalinger for hagen din. Det er absolutt en av de mest oppdaterte utformingen av bolig arkitektur i 2011. Denne hagen er moderne, typisk og fantastisk. I tillegg som bilder av garden spesiell designet for futuristiske hus dekorasjon elskere deg. Fantasifull og originalitet tro vise figurene. Noen som vet oppsettet for hotteste hjem som ovale stiler. Du kan oppnå oppsettet smart hjemme design dette nettstedet.


Se mer bildegalleri av Glamour Smart liten Front Yard hage designideer: http://www.pastelpatterns.com/glamour-smart-small-front-yard-garden-design-ideas/


Visit Stewart Hass and Associates LC Madrid Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stewart-Hass-Associates-LC/1585351408638


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Scooped by Maikka Alder

Hass and Associates: Smartphone apps keeps news at your fingertips

Hass and Associates: Smartphone apps keeps news at your fingertips | Hass and Associates | Scoop.it

Smartphone apps keeps news at your fingertips


You can use your smartphone to improve your personal financial awareness and to become more financially secure.


There are apps that can help you to manage your budget, keep up with business news, improve your fi-nancial literacy and detect scams.




You can use this budgeting app to set long-term goals and track your spending habits. Make a habit of adding a transaction right into your hand-held device while you are making your purchase. That way there is less chance you'll forget.


The Back to Black app helps you avoid spending more than you earn. You can set monthly spending limits for specific categories such as food, shelter, clothing and transportation. You will know exactly when you have reached your spending limit for the month. If your spending limit is not reasonable, you can modify the limit. Customize your budget to what you would like.


A pie chart shows your spending pattern. Coloured graphs tell you where your money is going each month. You can break down categories into subcategories. Touch the pie graph to see the breakdown.


What if you lose your phone? Do you lose your private information? Your personal financial details are protected by a four-digit pin code. You can also back up your data easily. With one tap you can email a backup to yourself.


The Back to Black app is available for Apple devices, including iPhone, iPod and iPad, from the iTunes app store. Note this app is not available for Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile, but there are dozens of other budgeting apps for tracking expenses.





For business news, consider using the Bloomberg or Bloomberg Radio+ apps. Both are free apps. Glance at the news headlines. Click on a story to read. Listen to a Bloomberg Radio report that is being streamed live while you are navigating to the Internet and browsing other websites on your device. You can download reports and later watch video off-line if you don't have access to Wi-Fi.


Do you follow particular stock prices or market indexes? On the Bloomberg Radio+ app, you can personalize the ticker by adding company symbols. Watch the up-to-date information stream across the bottom of your screen.


With the Bloomberg app, you can create a list of individual stocks that you follow regularly. Then, tap on a specific stock name and you can see news headlines related to that stock. Tap on a headline and read the full story.


You can also read Canadian business and personal finance stories on apps from The Star Phoenix, National Post and Globe investor.




The best way to prevent fraud is to recognize a scam when you see it after you've educated yourself on how it works on your Scam Detector app.


Scam Detector is an iPhone app in the App Store. An Android version for smartphones is available on the Google Play Store.


Sorin Mihailovici, an Edmonton-based journalist, was motivated to develop the Scam Detector app when a friend lost his life savings in a Nigerian scam. The app is regularly updated with the newest scams.




If you want to improve your financial vocabulary to be able to read financial news reports, consider installing a free CSI app. Although the Canadian Securities Institute app is designed to promote training courses for financial advisers, the glossary is very useful for you as an investor who wants to learn more about your investments and better understand what your financial adviser is talking about.


The handy glossary tells you what acronyms mean. You can also look up the definitions of many words used in estate and income tax planning.


Terry McBride, a member of Advocis, works with Raymond James Ltd. The views of the author do not necessarily reflect those of RJL. Information is from sources believed reliable but cannot be guaranteed. This is provided for information only.


Securities offered through RJL, a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Insurance services offered through Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd., not a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.


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