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Now a day’s Junk food or Street food is very famous not only with kids but also in adults, people have less time so whatever they get they have whether it is healthy or not. But as we all know Junk food is very unhealthy, it is the major reason of many diseases like High blood pressure, diabetes and even strokes. We see stalls at many places in Mumbai and they are very famous for their taste, but the way they make that food and the way they give to people is very unhealthy. Opportunity in food and beverages give us the chance to provide healthy food to our consumer. The same thing we provide our consumer with healthy and clean way. Franchise food and beverage in India, we try to expand our business and serve the people as much as we can. Having food in clean place which has been made in healthy way, is very much healthy for any one for child or for adults. But now many youngsters are making their careers in Hospitality business, it is very popular in them. It is helping our country and people of our country to make progress. There are many famous National and International Universities which give official training for hospitality and hotel management. It is the responsibility of Entrepreneur in food and beverages to choose his staff which is qualified in all terms and points which is necessary for food business. It is very important to manage a good and disciplined staff, who greet the people with respect and shows them that they care about what we are having is tasty and healthy. And also gives suggestion to consumer about our specialty and healthy food. Internet is very famous in today’s youth and it is necessary to promote our products online. We can even find Opportunity in food and beverages, new recipes on Internet. In recent years, food and beverages has been the largest industry, it serves training ground to the people who are beginners. Entrepreneur in food and beverages to manage many things ,managing events, controlling staffs he have to decide the menu, decoration of the premise and the facility he has to provide his consumers. Making efforts to make his consumer happy and satisfied with food and services. Giving best services to the consumer is very important point in restaurant business, we provide clean and familiar environment to the consumer. We feel proud to be in restaurant business, to serve people according to their choice and our services.