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The news was less disappointing for aerobic exercise, with 51.6% of adults getting the recommended amount, than it was for muscle-strengthening activities, with only 29.3% getting the recommended amount.

The overall exercise rates also varied widely by state, ranging from 13% in Tennessee and West Virginia to 27% in Colorado.

The report was published in the May 3 issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, a CDC publication.

"Exercise not only helps with weight management, it helps reduce anxiety and depression; boosts energy, immunity and brain power; and significantly lowers the risk for chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease," she said.

According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, adults should get at least:

=>  two and a half hours a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as walkin

=>  or an hour and 15 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, such as jogging.

In addition, adults should do muscle-strengthening activities, such as push-ups, sit-ups or activities using resistance bands or weights. These exercises should be done two or more days a week and work all major muscle groups, the guidelines suggested.

The highest proportion of adults meeting those guidelines were in the West (24 percent) and the Northeast (21 percent). Women, Hispanics and older and obese adults were less likely to meet the guidelines

"Simple steps to start moving include: enlisting a friend or family member to join you; taking a walk every evening after dinner; getting up and marching in place at every TV commercial; limiting TV and computer time; [and] scheduling your time to exercise in your daily calendar,

Via Seth Bilazarian, MD