How To- BE a HACKER? - SECURED SECTOR | Hacking |
After our last post we got a various ping backs on our social media links with a similar question in various ways “Skill sets of a HACKER?” Though many had a vague idea of it but they were jumbled up in a huge list which was valid but not properly arranged. We won’t lie to you the skill sets list is a bit huge but isn't too complicated that you can’t grasp in this rapidly developing tech world. Well the skill sets are so easy that even a computer enthusiast of age 10 can be a HACKER. Yes the skill sets are so easy if you have the most important thing every hacker possess. That thing is called “PATIENCE”(No this isn't a Moral Science tutorial). This thing is most required coz there would be times when things would go wrong & at that time if you could complicate your problem & entrap yourself in it further. Well here is the list of skill sets in 2 parts:- Fundamentals: - In this section you will find the most basic skills that every hacker SHOULD have before he does his very