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BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for distance education.  The goal of the project is to enable universities, colleges, and K12 to delivery a high-quality learning experience to remote students.


BigBlueButton supports real-time sharing of slides (including whiteboard), audio, video, chat, and desktops.  It also record lectures for later playback, specifically the slides + audio + chat.


The BigBlueButton project was started in 2007 by Blindside Networks.  In addition our work on BigBlueButton core, we created this Moodle 2.x activity module so you can fully leverage BigBlueButton's capabilities from within your courses.


This module enables you to:

- Create multiple activity links to on-line sessions within a course

- Restrict students from joining a session until a teacher (moderator) joins the session

- Launch BigBlueButton in a separate window

- Create a custom welcome message that appears at the top of the chat window when joining the session

- Specify join open/close dates for the session that appears in the Moodle's calendar

- Record a session (requires BigBlueButton 0.8 or later)

- Access and mange recordings (requires installation of recordingsbn)

Via Miloš Bajčetić, Instituto Mexicano de Comunicación Intercultural