How To Gain Confidence With Stepping Out Secrets Program

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How To Gain Confidence – The Author’s Claims

Stepping Out Secrets Program created by Lucille Sorella is the unique course that teaches how to gain confidence for transgender women and crossdressers. In this program, they will learn how to be sexy women they have always wanted to be no matter with their appearance, age and situation. Besides, Lucille Sorella will show them the exact steps, and detailed instructions for succeeding as a woman. In addition, in this course, the author reveals transgender women and crossdressers the huge mistakes that they always make such as:

Use clothes which are 10 years out of dateWalk as they got off a horseTalk like a “gay guy”Wear tacky makeupAct awkward and nervous in publicDress like hookersWearcheap wigs which can be spotted a mile awayAnd much more

Furthermore, the course also provides six “alluring arts” which must be mastered to successfully show themselves as women including inner allure, voice, moves, curves, fashion, makeup and beauty. Moreover, users of this program will get the opportunity to learn from special guest experts such as Chris Scott – Makeup Artist, Licensed Cosmetologist – Erica Thaman, Fashion Stylist – Alice Kim, Movement and Conditioning Coach – Rob Brinded, Fitness Trainer – Gina Roman, and Speech Language Pathologist – Kathe Perez.

About Lucille Sorella – Author Of Stepping Out Secrets

Lucille Sorella is the developer of Stepping Out Secrets Program, and she also is an image stylist working with transgender women and crossdressers. If people want to contact Lucille Sorella, people can visit

1810 E. Sahara Ave. Suite 1376, Las Vegas, NV89104 or contact via Email: Info [at] SteppingOutSecrets dot com

How Stepping Out Secrets Works

When ordering this stepping out secrets program, users will receive 20 cheat sheets, 6 expert interviews, 5 special reports and worksheets, 7 modules together with 14 featured videos, and access to the member’s area.

Module 1 – makeup and beauty: in this module, users learn 5 steps about makeup with 5 videos tutorials and 2 interviews with Chris Scott, and Erica Thaman.Module 2 – fashion – in this module, users will learn about fashion through “Transgender Style Secrets” special report, “The Ultimate Wardrobe Building Guide” video, and an interview with Alice Kim.In module 3 – curves: learners will walk through “How to Get Feminine Cleavage” video, “The Bombshell Body Workout” video, and The “Ultimate Curves Building Guide” special report.In module 4 – moves: learners will walk through lessons in “How to Walk Sexy” video, “Feminine Movement Reprogramming Routine” video tutorial , “Feminine Body Language Secrets” special report, and an interview with Rob Module 5 – voice: in this module, learners will walk through 2 interview with Kathe Perez, and lessons in “Feminine Communication Secrets” video tutorialModule 6 – inner allure: in this module, learners will walk through lessons in “Secrets to Stunning Self-Confidence” video tutorialModule 7 (bonus) – photo posing: In this module, users will discover 50 photo poses gallery, and secrets about feminine photo posing.

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