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 Portrait of the Month: Guilherme Manacas
Discover the history of spearfishing, its techniques and its preferred site: azores islands


" I'm Guilherme Manaças, 23 years old and I'm from the Azores Islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean but I'm currently living in Lisbon.


I usually spearfish most of my time in the clean and warm waters of the Azores where my dad settle to live 30 years ago and start spearfishing in a time where the ocean was still full of fish and they didn't need much effort to catch the greatest prizes we can only dream on nowadays. In the winter I spend my time in Lisbon where I get to spearfish fishes we don’t have back home in the cold murky waters of our cost where only a wetsuit as elastic as the Beuchat Mundial Competition can keep me warm and safe from the sea elements and last as long as it does. Amongst a few other fishes the famous sea bass ( Dicentrarchus labrax), the sea bream (Sparus aurata) , the cuttlefish ( Sepiida) and of course my personal dream the powerfull white sea bass (Argyrosomus regius) are the ones I aim for most of the time. The technics used are mostly the cave hunting (chasse à trou) and the Indian (indienne).


In the summer I get back home and I finally can focus myself on the big game fishing, where little tunas, the amberjacks, the beautiful caranx and the prized wahoos are the stars! Due to the clean waters, the technics are always a mix between coulée and the agachon, and of course big guns are always helpful, along with big bungees and buoys! I always have with me my Mundial Carbon Elite 100cm with the powerfull 18mm slings and the marlin reel to catch any fish either in a cave or in open water. When spearfishing in my boat we usually go for deeper spots, there the Marlin Elite 105 with double 16mm slings and the marlin reel with 60meters of beuchat Kevlar line can get any fish no matter the size. While spearfishing in the open blue water I always use my Marlin Carbon Elite 125cm with a 7mm spear and double 16mm sings for extra power! The warm waters are perfect to use the 3.5mm wetsuit, which unfortunately was discontinued but I still hope it comes back! I used a Beuchat Mundial Reversible which last for 7 years of constant use! Now I have the green camo 3.5mm and it’s amazing and the anatomy it’s just perfect!


As you can tell the Azores are the dream of any Portuguese spearfisherman! The clean waters and the big fishes are just mind blowing, and even though everyone loves spearfishing in their little backyard the Azores are just a dream to everybody and a place to always visit someday!


I usually get my gear from the bluewaterextreme shop which is specialized in blue water hunting and they sell beuchat accessories mostly, I use to buy the rest of my gear in the beuchat ex-representative in Portugal, my dad’s friend Rui Gouveia. While I have everything I need so far I will keep buying from bluewaterextreme as they have a 5 star service and helpful and great spearfishers!


It’s really hard to choose ONE product from the beuchat arsenal, you see my dad has been using beuchat for almost 30 years and of course since I learned everything from him, I also got his beuchat obsession. And I think beuchat is exactly that, a brand that over the years keeps their costumers satisfied in a way that passes from one generation to another.


But well If I had to choose I would choose 2 things, the 3.5mm wetsuit which fits perfectly in our waters and the Marlin gun, my dad was a big fan of closed muzzles, he did used them for 30years, and I convinced him to buy a Marlin Carbon elite for the blue water spearfishing against his will since the open muzzled didn’t sound like something he would like, in Portugal we have a saying: Don’t change the team that keeps winning. And after he tried he has being in love with it since then. Other things I consider indispensable are the amara gloves, which unfortunately also were discontinued, and the footpockets which are amazingly comfortable!"

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