Beyond the Far Cliffs - Customer Service
We've trained 1000's of leaders, managers, and frontline staff in customer service with our basic customer service programs. customer service leadership, and dealing with difficult customers programs. Our major customer service clients have included restaurants, theaters, and casinos. Our progr...
16 Ways To Make Your Customers Love You
16 Ways To Make Your Customers Love You Are you part of the 78% of business owners who aren't pleased with their conversion rates? Use this ultimate guide to attract more loyal customers.
Data Analysis: Consumer Trends in the Retail Industry
From dealing with boycotts and burning shoes to traditional customer care complaints, the retail industry is at the mercy of disgruntled customers.
Customer Experience and Customer Success: What’s the Difference?
Controversial? Yes. I think there’s controversy when trying to delineate customer experience with customer service, but the conversations become a bit more heated when it comes to customer experience and customer success.
3 Situations Where Customers Prefer AI
These days, you can’t turn on the news, listen to your favorite podcast or read an article without hearing about the latest and greatest developments in AI.
5 Ways Kroger’s Investment In Tech And Experience Will Change All Grocery
The nation’s largest traditional supermarket chain is investing to meet shopper expectations for better service, experiences, quality and price across various fronts, from in-store dining to robot delivery.