Growing To Be A Better Communicator
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Growing To Be A Better Communicator
Creative communication skills
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Work stories

Work stories | Growing To Be A Better Communicator |

People like hearing stories. If you can tell a pertinent story, your message has a far greater chance of lodging in the listener’s mind. Stories can be stories about you and your clients, or about other people’s clients, or be more metaphorical as are these:  

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Why Storytelling Matters in a High-Tech World

Why Storytelling Matters in a High-Tech World | Growing To Be A Better Communicator |
A professor, journalist, and tech startup founder explains why writing is more important than ever, even in our STEM-obsessed times.

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We live in an era of business that's increasingly becoming cold, calculated and logical. Big data, virtual teams, digitized information, .... these are business trends that move us away from personal, human connections. However, humans are still very much at the core of all business transactions and we respond best to things that appeal to our emotions. 

In this article, Michael S. Malone, an instructor of professional writing at Santa Clara University, tells the story of his experience with his students and how he teaches them the practical side of storytelling in preparation for the jobs that they'll ultimately end up in. He also shares the story of how he used storytelling to help launch and advance his startup venture. 

What I found compelling about this article is the bold assertion that Malone makes about storytellers. He says, "Indeed, I’m increasingly convinced that a great storyteller is even more important to an institution than a great code-writer, an accomplished research scientist, and maybe even a talented CEO. That's true in the early days of a modern enterprise, when a company is trying to convince employees, investors, and partners to believe in a product or service that doesn’t yet exist. It's also true in later years, when a mature company needs a compelling story to maintain the loyalty of customers and employees, and to differentiate itself from competitors."

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50 Things You Must Know About Storytelling

"Storytelling is like sex" wrote David Mamet, "everyone can do it, some of us are better at it than others." After three years of studying non-fiction storytell

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