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green streets
thoughts, ideas + dialogues on urban revitalization, smart growth + neighborhood development
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9 Essential Green Elements for the Development of Sustainable Cities

9 Essential Green Elements for the Development of Sustainable Cities | green streets |

Many cities are coming to the realization that creating a smart and sustainable city means ultimately attaining a high level of economic efficiency, a high quality of life, a highly desirable place in which to live and do business, and a meaningful commitment to environmental responsibility.

But what really makes for a green or sustainable city?  And how can sometimes highly diverse urban areas attain it?

LEED buildings and even LEED neighborhoods are surely a good thing, but they are not a sufficient thing to declare a municipality sustainable.  This is an overview of the essential elements (there are many more, but these are the most basic):

  • Committing to green
  • Building green
  • Buying green
  • Powering green
  • Conserving nearby (and creating internal) green landscapes
  • Protecting green:  both water quality and water quantity
  • Locating green:  creating a compact, walkable, interconnected, mixed-use community
  • Moving green:  diversifying transportation and increasing accessibility
  • (Not) wasting green:  getting to zero on the production of waste

Read the complete article for more on the green elements listed above...

Noor Fatima's curator insight, April 12, 2013 1:05 PM

Exactly :)

Daniel LaLiberte's curator insight, April 12, 2013 7:12 PM

100% Green is not fooling around.

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Why Placemaking Requires Passion Even More Than Big Budgets

Why Placemaking Requires Passion Even More Than Big Budgets | green streets |

Minneapolis-based writer Michelle Bruch examines how public input helps the bottom line as much as it helps build places where people want to be.


Placemaking is designed to create a vision that is much more practical than a pretty architectural rendering.

"The voices of the people are significant anchors," says Fred Kent, president of the New York-based Project for Public Spaces (PPS), a nonprofit that consults with cities on how to create strong public spaces. "It creates places that are meaningful to them."

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Building the architecture for green growth

Building the architecture for green growth | green streets |
Image Songdo International Business District is a sustainable city currently under construction on 1,500 acres near Incheon, the Republic of Korea.

The success of Korea’s green growth can be attributed to at least three factors, including the visionary leadership of a political leader firmly committed to a new green growth strategy; the ‘me-first’ approach to carbon emissions reduction and environmental protection; and an effective coordination among all the relevant ministries.

One of the objectives of Korea’s green growth policies is to promote the adoption of a green growth strategy in all countries, especially the developing ones. A global architecture for green growth will enhance the effectiveness of national green growth policies, offer a foundation for global sustainable development, and facilitate international cooperation for the mitigation of climate change...

ULI Korea's curator insight, March 9, 2014 10:19 AM

By setting the physical framework for all urban activities, urban development is an important factor for holistic urban green growth strategies. Furthermore, the synergies that can be made between urban development policy and other policies (economic, social, transportation, etc.) are endless when there´s a common goal, as green development.