Urban Redevelopment & SILO 468: interactive light art at a reused silo in Helsinki | green streets | Scoop.it

The city of Helsinki tapped Madrid-based Lighting Design Collective (LDC) to convert a once-used oil silo into an interactive light installation to commemorate Helsinki being the World Design Capital of 2012.

Facing the sea, the area is quite windy, which was not only design inspiration for the project, but it also powers the exhibit. LDC designed software to take data from the surrounding wind speed, direction, temperature, and weather, and turn it into patterns for the never repeating light show that displays on the inside and outside of the silo.
The silo’s walls were perforated with 2,012 holes that display a mesmerizing light show, engaging visitors with the data in a new way.

At midnight, the silo’s exterior turns red for one hour to reference that the silo was once a container of energy...