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The site is situated in the Karancs-Medves landscape area in North-East Hungary. Around and in the city of Salgótarján, the memorials, geological and mining attractions form a hiking trail. Along this trail is set the “Dance floor” Recreation and Memorial Park, a site is embraced by the surrounding hills and huge hillside trees. The architectural concept aimed to preserve and strengthen this special character of the place, so the park would function as an exhibition for the mining memorials and as a natural recreational area. The organizing element in the park is a wall providing covered space. This space can be used for exhibitions and performances. Open air theatre may also function here, the covered space is used for stage and the “Dance floor” as auditorium.

Besides the “Dance floor” Recreation and Memorial Park, Gusztav Tunnel Entrance no. 4 reconstruction is another attraction along the hiking trail. The tunnel is out of use, and this entrance imploded and was closed with a wall at 15 metres from the entrance. The imploded part is planned to be reconstructed and transformed into a tourist attraction. The information wall introduces the visitors into the basics of mining and the history of Gusztav Tunnel. Seating is placed where visitors can stop and rest and see old mining tools, machines and an ancient bogie on a railway track.