Green Gas Air Soft Guns are non detrimental ammunition with real power and fun | Green Gas Airsoft Guns |

Air soft guns are the harmless replicas of the real gun and are designed to provide you with the real action. The gun can be powered by three means – spring, gas or electricity. However the guns powered with gas acquire green gas or carbon dioxide as propellant. The Green Gas Air Soft Guns are the most efficient guns that can be used for a variety of purposes including recreation. These air soft guns serve an array of needs like military training, target shooting and hunting purpose. Playing with air soft guns is identical to the game of paint balling as both of them ensure fun without hurting anyone. The air soft guns can be operated manually and are extremely safe for the children use.


Green gas is propane with silicon oil added in it for lubrication. It is used for producing pressure as you fire from the gun. These air soft guns create a glimpse of real action as it produces a loud sound and makes your children have some real fun. You can pick from fully automatic or semi automatic gas air soft pistols also. You can choose from either Spring Airsoft Guns or electric guns if you are looking for a cheap option. On the other end, the Green Gas Airsoft Guns are the high end guns made with the latest technology.


Green gas appears in cans fit with a nozzle and can be directly inserted into the gun magazine. They are very versatile and can be fired up to thousand times before deciding to refill it again. Before using it, one must ensure that it is properly lubricated. These guns make a perfect choice for warm weather and do not operate perfectly in cold temperature condition. One must take utmost care while filling the magazine as the gas may spill out. This situation arises when the magazine is too cold and is unable to hold the gas inside it.


To keep the components of air soft gun in good working order, the green gas is included with some additives. If you decide to use your own propane instead of green gas, than you must get ready for regular greasing of the moving components of your gun. The air soft guns are very much like the real guns and bear a fully metal body. The Green Gas Airsoft Guns allows you to shoot even at longer ranges. The spring powered guns have their energy captured in the spring that is used for condensing the air to fire the pellet. The automatic electric options function with the help of a rechargeable battery that powers the motor. These guns have taken their roots from Japan. They feature a stable slide that offers ease and convenience in its operation.


The hybrid guns have also made a latest entry in the gun market. They look almost like real guns and would also have a shell casing ejection as and when the pellet is shot from the pistol. It produces an extraordinary loud sound that helps in creating a real shooting atmosphere. It offers better accuracy and projection that is hard to find in other types of guns.