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A BC principal shares what personalized learning actually means for students.  He reflects on this graphic:  "I can see how a more personalized system that aims to meet the needs of individual learners may come into conflict with current systems aimed at presenting a predictable, standardized education system that is more representative of a “one-size-fits-all” program."


He concludes his post:


"To me, a more personalized learning environment will be one that:
> is focused on the student;

> is richly designed around critical thinking;

> incorporates creativity and innovation both in its own design, but also in the design of learning outcomes;

> is flexible enough for students at any age to move at their own pace and to explore topics that might not be formally a part of our curriculum;

> offers students choices in how and when they learn;

> creates and encourages collaborative learning teams."


Thanks Kathleen McClaskey for curating this!

Via Kathleen McClaskey, Barbara Bray