Deeply fortifying: How to establish high quality connections | Leadership and Entrepreneurship |

Disrespectful behaviour and their effects...can be changed by establishing what Dr. Dutton calls “high quality connections ”or HQCs for short.
What a way to look at a tipping point for behavioral change, from abundance instead of from deficiency.

According to researcher Jane Dutton from the University of Michigan, disrespectful engagement depletes energy and thus motivation and commitment and may lead to burnout.

In the journal Stanford Social Innovation Review, she illustrates some cases of disrespectful behaviour and their effects, and then outlines how such behaviours can be changed by establishing what she calls “high quality connections”.

These pathways are (excerpted):Respectful engagement: being there ...and really listening. Task enabling: help another person being successful, ...find out what other person’s goals are. Building trust: making the first step that signals that you are ...trustworthy Playing: inviting the other person for a kind of game 

Via Deb Nystrom, REVELN