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English project - Video lyrics - Same Love - YouTube

Part of the song Macklemore x Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert - Same Love I do not own the rights to this song, nor do I seek to gain any profit from it. All r...
Alessandra Briceño's insight:

As a group we had the idea of creating this Video Lyrics with a Stop Motion of Sticky Notes. In the process, the three of us took a lot of pictures, probably more than a hundred, one of us took pictures meanwhile the other two put and took all the sticky notes. After having all the photos we took turns to edit the video putting all the pictures together changing according with the lyrics of the song. Each one of us gave his opinion to write the descriptive report of the video which the link will be at the end of thins insight. After all, we worked together to bring out the best of each other to make this beautiful meaningful video.


Some photographs taken are blurred or out of focus and this is because we tried to connote the vision or thinking of some people. There are people that it’s so closed minded that wouldn’t take the time to analyze and reflect what the real problem here is. The problem is not whether people are gay or lesbian but the rejection of other people reacting to this. We should respect each other beyond our taste for women or men, our skin color, religion and economic status.


We shouldn’t discriminate people just because they want to marry or love someone of their same sex, they should be free to love without any restrictions or being afraid. We need peace in this world, we need love, we need to understand that to build a better place every little thing starts with ourselves. We need to change from inside out to lead other people to change for a better world where the newest generations will follow the example.


In my opinion some Americans think that being obese is a disease but being homosexual it’s a choice which is completely absurd. Because people not being healthy or eating well it’s a choice, to not take care of their own body but being homosexual to love someone without thinking of their sex its absolutely not a choice. Homosexuals do not chose to be this way and of course they do not chose this to be bullied, discriminated and so on.


We shouldn’t be afraid of being different because that what makes us unique and beautiful. To everyone that is reading this, I am telling you its ok to be different there will always be people there to support you, in the meantime if there are people that don’t just don’t worry try to make a statement and share your stories don’t be afraid and keep your heads up. Smile :D


Here is the link for the descriptive memory:

Dr. Doris Molero's curator insight, December 5, 2014 7:03 AM

Continuing with the ‪#‎myfaceforpeace‬ projects... Graphic Design students from our English for work class presented their final projects... ... This is one of their videos.. and their report...

English Final Project


Lyric Video- SAME LOVE


As a group we chose this song because it touches different topics besides peace, love and gay marriage. Basically, the concept chosen for this lyric video is colorful, juvenile with different textures where each word written it has a different and unique style. In the process of making this lyric video we took a lot of pictures more than one hundred to create a stop motion of sticky notes.

Each of the Sticky Notes has a small phrase or word from the lyrics of the song and it was decorated with different colors, ornaments, strokes and typographies.

The message of using all this different pieces is to connote that we are just like the sticky notes showed, each one of us is different in our own unique way and there is nothing wrong about that. We can have different skin color, values, religions, and thinking, but we will always be humans and that’s something we can’t forget.

Besides that, it's a powerful record and it needs to be heard not only in America but around the world because equality is at the forefront of what's going on in politics right now. After all, it's not only about helping to spread a positive message about gay rights, by its logic, it’s about acceptance, love each other, we are what we are, and there’s not a thing we can do about that, so let’s just stop trying to change because someone told you to be something you're not.

We shouldn’t discriminate people just because they want to marry or love their same sex they should be free to love without any restrictions or being afraid.

The part of the song that caught our attention is “Have you read the YouTube comments lately "Man, that’s gay" gets dropped on the daily. We become so numb to what we’re saying’”. We picked this part because today people are not aware of what they say if it’s going to affect negatively to some other person or how much words can really hurt. For some people words might be forgiven but not sometimes they can’t be forgotten.

It's hard for too many people who are uncomfortable with staying quiet and actually begin to hate themselves because of it. Even though those words are rooting from the same hate raised of racism and wars.

By: Jesús Agreda, Alessandra Briceño and Fernando González

‪#‎doris3meflcenter‬ ‪#‎urbe‬ #myfaceforpeace ‪#‎peace‬ ‪#‎songsforpeace‬

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Ejercicios 1 y 2 (Práctica en clase)

Ejercicio 1 practica:


Ejercicio 2 practica:

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50 great parallax scrolling websites | Web design | Creative Bloq

50 great parallax scrolling websites | Web design | Creative Bloq | Graphic Desgin |
With new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, it's becoming possible to create more advanced, interesting and remarkable effects in the browser. While these effects can be gimmicky, when employed in the right way they can result in a remarkable and memorable website.
Alessandra Briceño's insight:

This article shows different pages of Parallax Scrolling which is the latest trend in web design.  The article shares 50 link pages that used HTML5 and CSS3 to create different effects and techniques that entertain the users while they are exploring the page. The excessive use of this technique can present a problem because it can overwhelm people. However, when it’s used nicely it can deliver a unique experience. Parallax scrolling shows a background or different images that moves while users scroll up and down the page. This effects provides “a nice, subtle element of depth” as the article explains.


In mi opinion as a designer I love this new trend because it provides something different to web designing. It’s something that can combine different kinds of trends such as flat design and the use of big images that covers all the useful area of design. I have a project right now where I tried to create a parallax effect in a home page and I can say it was something difficult at the beginning. I used the program Adobe Edge Animate but by the time I tried to insert this parallax effect in my other Dreamweaver design pages was such a problem. It got easier after a while but I can say it takes some time to learn when the animations are in the right place in the time line so that everything works perfectly by the time the users move the scroll of the page.


Workshop 3:

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Designers: 7 Ways To Be More Prolific

Designers: 7 Ways To Be More Prolific | Graphic Desgin |
With the demand for design increasing every day, so too is the number of designers out there competing for the same jobs. It’s not enough anymore to simply be a good designer. via Clients are looking for designers who can not only exceed their expectations, but do so in ... Continue reading »
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Unilever gets commuters to stop and smell the flowers

Unilever gets commuters to stop and smell the flowers | Graphic Desgin |
The advertisement is for Unilever's Comfort Fabric Softener.
Alessandra Briceño's insight:

This article is about a campaign for the product Unilever made by Moove Media “Moove”. This advertisement was shown in the Dhoby Ghaut NEL Station because of the high traffic footfall. The Campaign was all about showing to the costumers literally the scent of the product combine with LED lights. All this stimulation to the senses made the costumers never forget the product. As Jayne Kwek, CEO of Moove Media said: “Moove’s advertisements are more than just static images. They can be multi-faceted and multi-sensory to suit our clients‟ needs.


In mi opinion it’s an incredible way to make BTL advertisements work, because showing the product this way people will always remember it and your also the name of the agency that came up with the idea. It was a bright idea that capture the need of the client and the costumers that are about to buy the product. BTL stands for below the line and it is an advertising technique, or a different strategy that companies use to sell their products.


BTL advertisements allows the costumers to connect with the product in a more personal manner. Just as Moove Media did with the Unilever advertisement, they played with the aroma of the product and the light so that people will be attracted to it. The light and the smell activated the senses of the costumers creating curiosity for this wallscape. With this multi-faceted and multi-sensory advertisement there’s no way people will pass by it in the Dhoby Ghaut NEL Station.


Workshop: True and False Cognates



The flowery scent, emitted from the wallscape, was part of an advertisement campaign launched with Unilever with the help of Moove Media to promote its latest range of Comfort Aromatherapy fabric conditioner. Apart from the scent, the wallscape advertisement also featured flashing LED lights.


Vicki Ting, Comfort brand executive, Unilever Singapore said: “We chose the Dhoby Ghaut NEL Station for the multi-sensory experience due to its high traffic footfall. The Comfort Aromatherapy Black’s scent and flashing LED lights played vital roles in driving across the product’s proposition of 100% Natural Essential Oils.”


True Cognates:


Emitted – Emitio

Part – Parte

Campaign – Campaña

Promote – Promover

Comfort – Confort

Aromatherapy - Aromaterapia


False Cognates:


Fabric (Tela) – Fabrica (factory)

Brand (marca) – Brandy (Brandy Licor Aguardiente)

Essential (esencia) – Esencial (indispensable, necessary)

Media (medios de comunicación) – Media (sock)

Scent (esencia) –Centavo (cent)

Footfall (sound of feet) – Fútbol (Soccer)





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Colorful Intricate Insects Made from Recycled Prints and Magazines

Colorful Intricate Insects Made from Recycled Prints and Magazines | Graphic Desgin |
The Soon team set to work on piles of used paper, printed with everything from ads to editorials. The pages were separated into a rainbow of colors, giving the paper crafters easy access for their inspirations. Page by page, the papers were folded, snipped and cut into the delicate insect shapes, flowers and plants that formed a lush three-dimensional garden habitat. Related: Johan Scherft Creates Amazingly Realistic Birds From Paper Printed magazine stories were cut into leaves, layered together to form a thick explosion of beautiful foliage. Atop the green mass floated red, blue and pink flowers, made from paper scraps and magazine bits.
Alessandra Briceño's insight:


This article is about a project made by Soon, a Belgian studio that creates visual identities in combination with photography. This project of an amazing set of paper insects was used in a brochure advertising for the new line of recycled paper from the company IGEPA Benelux. The Soon team separated different pages of recycling paper into color groups so they could use it in their different creations. This pages were folded and cut to create detail insects and plants filled with colors, shapes and textures making a wonderful visual language.   


In my opinion this is an incredible example of what are we able to do with our hands with some determination and creativity. The Soon team had to work really hard classifying all the papers into a rainbow of colors so they could use it easily. All the habitats with their insects and plants had their own style, details and color that invite each person to watch and enjoy the brochure and their pictures. I’m really glad they created everything with recycled paper so people can realize all the amazing things you can create turning something you usually throw away into a nice useful item.


Now days recycling is a trending thing that keeps growing every day, people around the world should be aware and educate others to take action to help and fight for a better world. People can recycle with materials such as aluminum, plastic water bottles, and certain kinds of paper (plus many more) that can be separated from regular trash. The side effect of our actions are global warming, pollution, the loss of beautiful forest and plants, enough clean water to drink, and many more consequences that are more visible this days, making them something that we shouldn’t avoid.


Workshop - Using On line dictionary:

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Artist Creates a Detailed Miniature Painting Every Single Day

Artist Creates a Detailed Miniature Painting Every Single Day | Graphic Desgin |
Cape Town, South Africa-based artist Lorraine Loots has an incredible eye for detail. In her series, called 365 Postcards for Ants, Loots plans to produce a miniature painting every day for an entire year. She uses a small, round stencil to establish the boundaries of the work and then, with a very thin paintbrush or finely tipped pencil and a magnifying glass, she creates a variety of intricate plants, animals, landscapes, and objects on a very small scale.
To select the content, Loots found that an interactive process was more enjoyable than simply choosing subject matter by herself. "At first it was just me doing my thing, doing my paintings, but then people started booking [sentimental] dates [for paintings to be done on that day]," she explained. "I think that the pressure became more and I wanted to create something that people loved as opposed to just creating something for the sake of making something."
This series is the second phase of her personal challenge, initially…

Via Leggo Tung Lei
Alessandra Briceño's insight:

This article talks about the artist Lorraine Loots which created a collection of incredible miniature paintings. It’s called 365 Postcards for Ants a project she made for an entire year, each painting created for each day of the year. Just as she said "At first it was just me doing my thing, doing my paintings, but then people started booking [sentimental] dates [for paintings to be done on that day]". She wanted to create paintings people will love and appreciate so after finishing the project Loots felt so excited and motivated that she decided to continue with this personal challenge. For the second year Loots decided to celebrate Cape Town's designation as World Design Capital 2014 with feature themes, places, or ideas directly related to Cape Town.

In mi opinion Lorraine Loots has an incredible eye and patience for creating so many details in such a small place. Her technique its flawless using all her tools such as the round stencil for the boundaries, the pencil, the thin paintbrush and the magnifying glass. I would go crazy trying to do something so detail even if I have the magnifying glass I know it’s not that easy. However, with practice I know people with determination would be able to create something similar, because “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellent then, is not an act, but a habit”-Aristotle.

I think as a designer or any artist we have to have a lot of patience by the time we are creating something because at the end of the day you can’t rush creativity. But I can understand her motivation to create something that people will love and enjoy, something that has meaning. Because that’s what this project is about, there are no random paintings because each day each place, each figure represents and celebrate Cape Town.

For the readers that don’t know what Cape Town is or their designation as World Design Capital 2014. The City of Cape Town lies at the southwestern tip of Africa, uniquely nestled between Robben Island and the majestic Table Mountain range, two national heritage sites. Since the end of apartheid, this city, now three times the size of New York and home to around 3,6 million people, has undertaken the process of redesigning itself. As South Africa’s oldest city and having recently hosted the first World Cup on African soil, Cape Town now has first class infrastructure and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. With the highest standard of living of all South African cities, this gateway to the African continent is rich in heritage, innovation, diversity and creative talent. On 29 June 2012, Cape Town officially became World Design Capital 2014 with the signing of the Host City Agreement by Executive Mayor of the City of Cape Town, Alderman Patricia de Lille, and International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) President Soon-in Lee.


Workshop -  Content and Function words:

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How to Use Social Media as a Portfolio Tool

How to Use Social Media as a Portfolio Tool | Graphic Desgin |
Social Media is the great equalizer, and social media as a portfolio tool is a strategy you need to adopt now.
Alessandra Briceño's insight:

Last Workshops:

Main Idea

Definition MarkersTime secuence and order Markers
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Nuclear Bomb Mushrooms Made Pretty - PSFK

Nuclear Bomb Mushrooms Made Pretty - PSFK | Graphic Desgin |
Two artists team up to question our complex relationship with war and violence
Alessandra Briceño's insight:

This article is about an artist named Anna Burns and her projects. It show pictures of her previous project named “Pop Pop Bang” where she worked with Tom Brown creating mass media images through painted umbrellas which portrayed some kind of violence people see in films. It also talks about her newest project with the artist Michael Bodiam where they created pieces or installations in the shape of the nuclear bomb mushroom formation. Both projects are contradictories because it creates emotional responses from the viewers towards the violence and war of the pieces.


In my opinion these artists are brave enough to create amazing pieces that evokes encountered feelings in the viewers. For example the shape of the nuclear bomb mushroom formation made out of ordinary objects was a very clever idea that questions as the articles says “their understanding as well as the emotions they hold towards violence and war”. Some of the pieces are subtle delivering the message but some others are not. No one can deny they look very attractive and interesting arousing curiosity in every spectator.  


Workshop Referential Elements

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The amazing 3D printer that carves wooden objects | 3D printing | Creative Bloq

The amazing 3D printer that carves wooden objects | 3D printing | Creative Bloq | Graphic Desgin |
It could be said that 3D printing is the future of design, with plenty of gorgeous
Alessandra Briceño's insight:

This article is about a machine or printer that carves different kinds of surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal and other dozens materials into objects people design. It’s kind of a 3D printer but slightly different because its focus in the carving part. The name of the printer is Carvey and was created by Inventables, a group of people that ignite the digital manufacturing revolution by simplifying the path from idea to finished product. Inventables also created a software that allows people to create their own designs in an easier way so they can only click literally the carve button and convert their creations into real objects.


In my opinion I think it’s an amazing machine because it gives people so much freedom about being able to design endless possibilities. Technology is developing every day with more machines and software that make our lives even easier. This carving machine besides the 3D printer are the next step for designers and regular people that want to explore and test their selves to found out what are they capable of. Even though this machines are new and kind of expensive I hope one day Venezuelan printing companies will be able to afford this kind of machines so they can deliver this services in a regular basis as much as digital printing. 


Workshop 1 and 2:

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Vibrant Quilled Paper Illustrations and Sculptures by Yulia Brodskaya

Vibrant Quilled Paper Illustrations and Sculptures by Yulia Brodskaya | Graphic Desgin |

Paper artist and graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya first began to experiment with various ways to illustrate using paper about six years ago. In the time since she's become a master at quilling and other sculptural techniques involving paper, 

Via Annie Brightstar
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Flat Web Design Examples Inspiration

Flat Web Design Examples Inspiration | Graphic Desgin |

This collection consist best of flat web design inspiration that mainly have flat websites design examples...

Via Paul O'Donnell
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Taking Wing in a Time of Extremis - New York Times

Taking Wing in a Time of Extremis - New York Times | Graphic Desgin |
New York Times
Taking Wing in a Time of Extremis
New York Times
BOSTON — In the 21st century, we tend to talk about new art in terms of medium and style: Performance is back, painting is back, Pop is back, and so on.

Via Ars Magnus
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About myself

About myself | Graphic Desgin |

My name´s Alessandra Briceño I´m from Trujillo but I’m currently living in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I’m 20 years old and I’m a graphic design student at the university Rafael Belloso Chacin. I love my carrier and I hope I´ll be an amazing graphic designer in the future. This trimester I am taking 6 classes and I am in the 9th trimester. The image above it was a design a created for the restaurant Macarena Cafe in Trujillo. It shows the logo used in diferent items.


I love music, drawing, dancing, eating, surfing the net, speaking English, talking on the phone with my friends, spending time with my family and create new designs or ideas. I also have a lot of interests like art, photography, sculptures, packaging and branding designs.


I hate seafood, listening to vallenatos, people that are hypocrites, violence, bullying, war, injustice, cooking, orthographic errors in designs and cockroaches. I also can't stand when I’m using socks and one of them gets wet.


My dream is to gain enough money so I can give my parents a place to live, somewhere near the beach. I would like them to just rest and be as happy as they can for the rest of their life without having to work every day. I also would love to travel around the world, visit Egypt, Paris, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Tokyo. Of course, I want to graduate first and be a really good graphic designer. I also want to learn to speak French, Italian and Mandarin. I’d love to work in an important company so I can buy a big house, get married and start a family.


About English, I love to learn new languages. I think English is a very important language because is spoken around the world. Even if you go to a country that you don’t know their language they will probably understand if you speak to them in English. What do I do to practice my English? Well, I listen to music, watch TV and movies in English. It’s a good exercise. I also chat on Skype because I have some friends in different countries such as USA, Saudi Arabia, China and Canada. I use social networks like facebook, twitter, Instagram to interact with people around the world. Making new friends. My pronunciation is better than my writing, but I try to practice more. For example I had an English teacher that gave me the advice to write a paragraph every day. At the beginning he said it was going to be difficult but with a little more writing every day it was going to get easier. And I was going to be able to write more and more lines with fluency.


About graphic design


I don’t know specifically where I will find motivation at a determine time. But I do know that if I feel blank when I’m doing a project I just take some time to relax and go outside because I will never know when the inspiration might come. I also look throw some design pages to see what’s trendy about designs so I can be aware of others designers and their tendencies. However, each designer has his own style and creativity that are shown in every project and someday I want to be known just like them. A known designer with her own style, innovation, creativity and determination that will change things into something positive something that it’s going to stand out and be useful to this society.


My best ability is that I’m really good with programs so when there’s another design program that I need to know about I will probably know who to use it in a short time. I’m a very determine person and I’m always trying to be twice as good. If I have a project I will give my all and commit to it because this career it’s my passion, creating amazing things from scratch. My peers are awesome because we support each other in every step of the way even though we know we are our own competition once we are outside the university. They influence me to be a better designer stepping out of my comfort zone creating designs that will challenge myself making me better.


I feel at my best when I have succeeded in my projects when I gave my best into creating a new design and it was all worth it. When I gain experience and wisdom from my teachers and clients when I see the satisfaction in their faces after given them my designs. When I can share that feeling with my family and my partner and they can feel proud of me.


If I need help I always try to talk with my family because they are the ones that keep me going and motives me just like my teachers inside the university if it has something to do with my projects. I also visit pages like Pinterest and Behance to see new designs and Youtube to watch tutorials that will give me more knowledge on how to use more design programs.


In my opinion the way to succeed it’s to always crave for more, more knowledge, more clients, more designs, more creativity, and more of yourself. Because you can always be better in whatever you are determine to do in life if you just focus. I always remember how lucky I am because I’m studying something I feel passionate about and because thanks to my parents I have the chance to do so. Never give up if you feel passion for something because that will take you far. 

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