Digital marketing conference (or DMC) is the largest and most significant event for digital marketing professionals in Russia.

The main difference about DMC 2013 was inviting only foreign speakers. To stress that uniqueness we made an ironic photo session under which known leaders of Russian digital industry acted as models. Creative directors, owners of advertising agencies and well-known marketing specialists became targets of our campaign showing that they have no chance to participate in DMC 2013 as this year only foreign experts are invited. The viral campaign was effective; it gave brilliant PR effect among Russian advertising community and high users’ involvement.

As a result, without spending a dollar on media buy, Digital marketing conference 2013 had 900 participants and increase in the amount of ticket sales by 90% compared to the previous year.

Creative Director – Vladimir Garev
Creator – Artem Tsaregorodtsev
Art Director – Vsevolod Navashin
New Media Director – Mikhail Geisherik
Producer – Anton Kopylov
PR-manager – Arina Svetlitsa
Photo Production – GrandReport