Grade Nine Religion Semester 2
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Scooped by Chandler Antrobus!

Matt Woodrum - An Inspirational Kid That Moved Everyone!!! - YouTube

 For More Inspiration - 11 year old Matt Woodrum with Spastic Cerebral Palsy ran 400 meters and inspire his school mates and their...

Chandler Antrobus's insight:

Matt Woodrum is an eleven year old boy with the disease Spastic Cerebral Palsy. he was diagnosed with this at birth when he and his twin brother were born earlier than their due date. This was a problem and the doctors faced it with giving the option of putting Matt to rest. His parents quickly responded with a "no". As Matt grew older he finally decided to show that handicap people are just as capable of performing every day tasks or events that those without disabilities can perform. The way that Matt wanted to show that his disease was only an obstacle that was needed to be faced head on. What Matt wanted to do is trying to accomplish the track and field event called the 400 meter race. Matt's physical education teacher had some doubts but decided to allow Matt to participate. Matt's disease makes it hard for him because it is hard to control the left side of his body. This affects his overall performance when he walks and when he runs. Throughout the race Matt had had some doubtful moments himself but with cheer from his peers he pedaled through it.


This story relates to our past units. I believe that Matt's story relates to inclusion and the fifth commandment. Firstly, I believe that this story relates to the inclusion because he had the chance to be involved in the 400 meter event. The person that allowed him to do it was his teacher. His teacher hesitated, but at the end of some serious thinking he decided that Matt would be able to compete. This relates to inclusion because Matt's disease  was very hard on him when it came to running but that did not stop Matt nor his teacher. Secondly, i ave come to believe that Matt's story relates to the fifth commandment because when the doctor that helped deliver Matt gave the option of killing him, his  parents said no. This relates to the fifth commandment because his parents did not choose to have him disposed of.


I believe that we can all learn something from Matt's story. The first thing i believe that we can all learn from Matt's story is decision making. We can learn that the right decision is not doing bad or going against God's will. We need to go through thee decision making steps that follow our faith. We can also learn that life is a journey that has its obstacles which are meant to be overcome. We can all also learn that we are capable of overcoming even the most challenging challenges. Lastly, we all can now understand why it is important to include everyone and anyone in everyday activities. This is why my classmates should watch this again.




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Scooped by Chandler Antrobus!

paralyzed video game designer

Jon Hales returns to his passion of designing video games after an accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. "You have absolutely no limitations,...
Chandler Antrobus's insight:



The video game designer Jon Hales has a great passion in making video games. He has a wife and four daughters that he helps provide for by working. One day Jon was invited by a couple of his good friends to go dirt bike riding. What was thought to be a good and enjoyable time turned into a freak accident ending the motor skills from Jon's collar bone down. Jon did not mope around and believe that he did not have anything to contribute to his family, instead Jon decided to start his own business in video gaming. this would mean that Jon could still work the hours he worked before his accident. It would also mean that he could provide for his four daughters and wife.




Jon's story relates two two things from our past unit. Jon's story relates to both moral catholic decision making and Christ like love. Jon's story relates to our moral catholic decision making because he had to perform the for steps in order to be where he is in life. Jon SAW that he had a disability that may ruin his career for the rest of his life. He JUDGED whether or not he should still continue to work due to his physical state. He ACTED upon his judgement and went back to working once again. Lastly, he has EVALUATED that he sets his limits not his disability setting them for himself. Not only does his story relate to this but it also relates to the attributes of a Christ like love. Jon's family showed some of the attributes of a Christ like love. One of the attributes was not being repulsed by illness or ugliness. His family showed this because although he did not have normal functioning body parts they still loved him for who he was. Another attribute his family showed toward him was understanding and accepting that he would not have a lot of functionality in most of his body. they showed this by getting over the fact that he was paralyzed in the majority of his body.this is why Jon's story connects to our past unit.




It is important for my classmates to watch this video because it Jon is a living example of some one to look up to for inspiration. Jon did not let his paralysis to take over his life. He fought through it and got back to performing regular daily tasks to contribute to society. This shows us that our faith is relevant in others lives and that we must try to achieve goals such as Jon did. No matter how large the obstacle may be it is you who determines whether or not you are able to over come it. As Jon stated ' you have absolutely no limitations, except those that you create for yourself.'


Hannah Ravela's comment, May 24, 2014 10:06 PM
What I like about this video is how Jon's wife and daughters shows their support to Jon by being with him all the time and helping him to create better games. They really show how should family act and support each other in bad times and good times. I also like how he didn't give up designing game despite his condition. This video tells me that we shoudn't give up what we like to do even though we are in this condition. We should be positive and look for ways to be able to do things we love. Jon shows that even though we are different from others our difference shouldn't get on our way. We should try to use our differences to work harder and become better than others. Yourself is the only one who's lighting up your future so that it would be bright when you get there. Being different from others doesn't mean you have to resent yourself and be sad about it. Be positive and live your life the fullest.
Anton Medina's comment, June 5, 2014 8:08 PM
I like this video because Jon had everything right until the accident. But, even after the accident, while some people would hate their life from then on, Jon continued to live happy. Jon continued doing what he loved and that is making video games. He is looking on the bright side of things and following through with his dreams. It's great that Jon doesn't let his disability hold him back. I think that this story also relates to the fact that a human body still has dignity, even if it is harmed. Jon may be paralyzed, but his body is still sacred. His family also knows this and, as you said, they are not repulsed by "illness or ugliness" and instead, they respect him and his dignity. Jon is a great example of someone who chases their dreams even when things have gone wrong, and we can all learn from him and his family about how to find the greatness in everything that God has given us.
Scooped by Chandler Antrobus!

My Last Days: Meet Christopher Aiff - YouTube

Christopher Aiff was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in his leg. The doctors told him he was cured, but then found 50 tumors in his lungs on his first check up. ...
Chandler Antrobus's insight:

This video is about a young guy, Christopher Aiff, who was diagnosed with Osteosacoma in his leg. This was the first type of cancer that he had been diagnosed with. Soon after his Osteosarcoma disappeared, he was due for a routinely checkup three months after the disappearance. When he was given an ultrasound at this checkup the doctors had found fifty small tumors in his lungs. Instead of being negative about the discovery Christopher had his mind set on being the best patient and challenging his cancer. He does this by doing the things that he has always wanted to do. He has a strong relationship with his sister and mom. He values his relationships and he said that one of the most important things to him in life is loving and being loved.


This video can relate to three things that we have learned over the duration of our semester. It relates to our types of intimacy note. This relates to Christopher's story because he has many intimate relationships. He has created these intimate relationships because he realized that he must make the most of his life and he wanted to be loved by others. this also ties into our note of "Being a lover like Jesus". it relates to this note because at the last supper Jesus told his disciples to love others as he had loved them. Christopher has grown a stronger love for his friends and family because his life may be shorter than others. Last but not least Christopher's story relates to our note on passions. It relates to this note because Christopher more than likely hes felt sad but he chose to do good with his emotions rather than taking it out on others.

I believe that my fellow classmates should watch the story of Christopher Aiff because it is truly an inspiring and eye opening story. It is inspirational because it helps us believe that we can accomplish goals that seem to far beyond our reach. Christopher has accomplished the majority of his life goals. It is also an eye opening story because he talks about how it shouldn't take something horrible in life to start doing good and being the best you can be. Life is short and you shouldn't take it for granted  make the most of your life and make it worth the while.


Tyler Dender's comment, June 2, 2014 5:21 PM
I really liked your decision to choose this story because it shows a lot of character and perseverance. The thing that I liked is how you related it to the note on intimacy and made those connections to the story. The one thing I think you could have added is maybe going in depth on what types of intimacy him and his family share.They possibly could have shared a recreational intimacy if they wanted to do things before he possibly died. They could have also shared a emotional intimacy with the sudden problem. Overall a great story that was truly touching and I really liked your selection.
Kyle Gablenz's comment, June 4, 2014 10:56 PM
This is a great scoop Chandler, what i liked about this is how your related the video back to what we learned about intimacy. One thing i thought you could have added to what you said about intimacy is to talk more about what types of intimacy he and his family had. I think they could have shared intimacies like recreational, emotional and even crisis because of how they know that he might die. Overall I think this was a great and very emotional video and you did a really good job on it.
Alisia Menegotti's comment, June 8, 2014 8:37 PM
I agree entirely with you Chandler on your reflect because it should not take something horrible to create more of the good. I felt an example of that would be him and his sister. I think everyone should have a relationship as Christopher and his sister do. This because it was one in which you know that one of you has a great chance of dying sooner than anyone would like. Although it does not result in a drastic change into a closer bond because the bond that is already there cannot be surpassed. This scoop almost had me in tears and was very heart warming. I felt though that in your relate you focused on the reason that he has these intimate relationships and so much love is as a result of him having cancer. Although I felt family was always very important, as he mentioned, to him even before this devastating news. I thought that you could have changed it up a bit and mentioned that it was not just a cause of his cancer, or that his and his family’s relationships right now greatly include a crisis intimacy. Other than that I truly enjoyed your scoop and what you had to say about it.