Grade Nine Religion Semester 2
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Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often - YouTube

Kid President believes the things we say can help make the world more awesome. Here he shares a special list of 20 things we should say more often. What woul...
samantha orpiada's insight:

This video is about a young boy, Kid president, teaching us 20 things that we should say often. The video may not seem like an ordinary inspirational video with a story and lesson behind it but i think it is equally important to watch. This video portrays many examples of how we as catholics can be better people. I think that this video brings up some serious and insightful ideas of things to say and do as well as some silly and funny things. This is a video definitely made me think about several concepts in our unit and it also made me laugh and smile. 


In this video, there are an abundant amount of connections i could make to the unit. For instance, number 7 on the list stated that something we should say often is "my sports team is not always the best sports team" This portrays the beatitude poor in spirit. People who are poor in spirit are people who recognize their strengths and weaknesses and they do not pretend to be someone they are not and by admitting that your team isnt the best is a perfect representation of being poor in spirit. In addition, another connection i can make is number 16 and 17 on the list. Number 16 states that we should say "i forgive you" and number 17 states that we should also say "im sorry" This portrays the beatitude merciful for obvious reasons. If you are saying i forgive you, you are remembering that they too sin and you are giving them an oppurtunity to make up for their mistakes. In conclusion, this video contains many examples and many relatable connections that dipict a topic from our unit. 


This video is important to watch for many reasons. First of all, this video definitely did not fail to make me smile. I think, videos like this that are funny and cute are necessary to watch for teenagers. Nowadays, since everyone is going through hormonal imbalances people tend to be really depressed and stressed. Videos like these in my opinion, are good for relieving stress and its the type of video that reminds you that there are still good people in the world making an active effort to make peoples day a little bit better. Secondly, I think this video should be watched because not only is it just cute and funny but it also touches on valid and important points. While watching this video many examples made me think "I don't say that often but I probably should" In conclusion, this video doesn't exactly have a story behind it but none the less it is a video that will brighten your day and inform you about the many things that people should say more often.



Devin Deoraj's comment, June 3, 2014 7:44 PM
This is truly an amazingly cute video! I enjoy the video because it is simply funny but also quite deep in a way. These days in our lives we don't get as much encouragement as we need or the kindness we want, sometimes we make it our goal to make sure someone else's day it just better then our own. Which supports the what Jesus said "love thy neighbor". I completely agree with you making a reference from the video to the beatitudes. The beatitudes are a very important part to our lives as Catholics they help us shape our lives in the way Jesus lived his own. Most of the things that were said in the video actually have a very close meaning to the beatitudes such as saying "im sorry" being related to the beatitude " Blessed are the merciful. This video overall also made my day a better one.
Anton Medina's comment, June 5, 2014 7:16 PM
I really like this choice of video because it is a really neat way to tackle this assignment! This video is also a carefree and sweet video that you wouldn't think connects to our units of study at first, but it definitely does. Kid President doesn't point out what society is doing wrong, but instead providing the fix to do it right, and that is what makes this such a happy video. If we all followed these 20 steps that Kid President gives us, the world would be a better place. I agree that Kid President is telling us to live to the Beatitudes. He is also teaching us ways to act in a Christ-like love. For example, Kid President talks about simply giving (corndogs) to people out of nowhere. He doesn't do that to take advantage of people, but to simply do a nice deed. He acts like Jesus because he isn't calculating the cost of giving. Also, he tells us to say "I'm sorry" and, more importantly, "I forgive you". This is acting Christ-like in the sense that, if you do this, you will be patient and forgiving, just like Jesus. Kid President is trying to bring out the best in everybody through this video and teaching us to be just like Jesus, but he is doing so in a happy tone. That is why I really enjoy this video.
Alisia Menegotti's comment, June 8, 2014 9:59 PM
Firstly I would like to say I found this video extremely entertaining and it really brought a smile to my face. Except how often is it we say the right thing? I think Kid President has noticed that very often people are not saying what they are supposed to or should be. Just take a look around you, clean out your ears and listen. It is rather difficult and heart breaking to say but you will find that you will not have to listen all that carefully to hear someone saying something negative. What is even more heart breaking is that they are small things in which we can alter how we go about saying to people because it could make or break their day. This is the hard part about having freedom of speech. This little man though lists twenty phrases in which we can say and leave our gossiping as well as pointing of the fingers behind. To add to what you have said Sam I would tie in a very key phrase Kid President said which was, “I disagree with you, but I still like you as a person who is a human being and I will treat you like that because if I didn’t it would make everything bad and that’s what lots of people do and it is lame.” What he is saying here is what everyone should be saying, well maybe not in those exact words but at least thinking before either using your freedom of speech wisely or abusing it. Everyone is God’s work of art and is created in his image, so if you disrespect them you disrespect him. Though as you said this scoop includes many examples that relate to many topics we have learned. This was a great find and gave me hope that others have watched this video and taken away the same messages so we all can live happier and more peaceful lives.
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The Most Beautiful Thing (Short Film) - YouTube

Winner of the LACHSA 2012 Moon Dance Best Film Award, and Best Actor Award. Written, directed and edited by Cameron Covell, this short film, starring Nick Lo...
samantha orpiada's insight:

This video is about a boy and his relationship with a girl. In the beginning he is infatuated by her and at school he often tried to say hello to her but since she was deaf she would never reply back. Until one day as the two were sitting on a bench together he said hello again but this time she saw him looking at her and told him by signing that she was deaf. After that moment, the two became good friends and communicated with each other by writing  in notebooks. In the end, their friendship soon bloomed into a boyfriend girlfriend relationship and the two went to prom together. 


This video relates to many things that we learned in class. For instance, it relates to the characteristics of a christian relationship. It relates to that because the boy, Brandon, when he found out that Emily, the girl was he didn't judge her. By doing this he followed the characteristic, "does not require the other person to change to be accepted". Moreover he also followed the characteristic " set boundaries that the other person sticks to". He acted this out when he asked Emily if she ever tried talking. When he asked her, he realized that she clearly wasn't comfortable with the topic and he respected that boundary by not asking her again. Moreover, this video also ties into intimacy. There are many signs of intimacy between Emily and Brandon. For instance, their relationship "emphasized us" in the video they were always texting, talking and they spent basically every moment together or communicating with eachother.Overall, i found that this video related to many topics in our unit.


As a teenager i think this video is important to watch. I think we all need to be like Brandon and we need to learn how to accept people fully and without hesitation. We as teens, are so judgemental these days and we end up pushing people away and excluding them. Brandon, when he saw Emily being kissed by another guy he was upset at first but once Emily told him the real story he forgave her right away. Brandon portrayed how to be merciful which everyone should practice. At school, i hear about so many stories about how one person did this and that in grade 5 therefore these 2 people are now enemies forever. In conclusion, even though this seems like an ordinary video there are many examples of ways it can inspire us to form good relationships in our everyday lives.


Danica Santos's comment, June 2, 2014 9:35 PM
This video is very sweet! This video emphasizes acceptance, understanding and love. I liked how you mentioned that this video relates to the characteristics of a Christian relationship such as not requiring the other person to change to be accepted. This couple accepts one another for who they truly are and prioritize their time together. I also liked how you said we all should show the aspect of acceptance towards one another because in today’s society many can come to a quick decision of how they feel and should act towards a person just because they are not like everyone else. However, I am glad your video shows that it does not matter what our differences are since we are all created in the image of God. I can also recognize in the video that their love starts slowly, devoting their time to one another to appreciate the little things that become the habits of a loving relationship and share emotional intimacy.
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Inspirational- Try To Watch Without Crying 90% People Cry - YouTube

This is a beautiful story of a father and son who don't see eye-to-eye and forget what family is but they come back together when... Please Share and Like Th...
samantha orpiada's insight:

This video is about a son and his father and their journey as well as their relationship together. In this video the son grows up and he starts to disobey his parents and go against them. One day as he was coming home late his dad saw him come in, he started fighting him and while they were fighting the father uttered the words "you might as well not come home". This made the boy mad and he ended up moving out of the house. After that, at his job he got into a really bad accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. When his dad saw how upset and hopeless his son was he helped him start walking again by dragging the boy on his back for kilometres and kilometres everyday. In the end, the boy and the father were no longer fighting with each other, the boy was no longer disrespectful to his parents and most of all the boy started to walk by himself.


This video relates to many things learned in this unit. For instance, it relates to the commandment "thou shall honour thy father and mother" It relates to the beatitude because the son, as time progressed, started to disrespect his mom and dad. He started come home late and when his legs broke he was grumpy with his parents and he wouldnt talk to them. In addition, this also relates to the unit of dignity and temples of the holy spirit. The son even though his legs were broken didnt understand that he still had dignity. He got depressed and he started disrespecting his body (stopped eating). His dad however knew that his son still had dignity and he helped his son walk again. In conclusion, i found this video very inspiring and i also found that it related to many topics in the unit. 


It is important for my classmates to watch this video for many reasons. One main reason, is that in this stage of our adolescent lives we think we are entitled to do anything we want and we often forget about our parents. We forget to respect them like the son in the video. Like the son, we end up neglecting our parents and instead we hang out with our friends. This video shows and reminds us that nomatter what we must "honour thy father and mother" and that we must be humble and admit that we need our parents.  In conclusion, this was a very inspirational video and it reminded me about experiences and fights  that ive had with my parents but it also reminded me that in the end my parents love me and will forgive me nomatter what.


Celine Suyat's comment, June 4, 2014 5:01 PM
In my opinion, this video was truly inspiring and very relatable. I like how in the video, when the father saw how vulnerable his son was, he put all their differences aside to get him back on his feet. Not only did the father try to improve his son's walking abilities, but he also tried to improve their father/son relationship. By doing so, he sacrificed his time and effort for the love and support of his son. In addition, I like how you mentioned that this video is relatable to us because at this stage in most of our lives, we think that we are entitled to do and say anything we want, which is true! As young teenagers, we must respect and understand the importance of family by not taking them for granted. As demonstrated in the video, the one thing that will always exist is unconditional love. In conclusion, this video was very touching and taught me that you should never give up on family.