Grade Nine Religion Semester 2
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Scooped by Tyler Dender!

Inspirational- Try To Watch Without Crying 90% People Cry - YouTube

This is a beautiful story of a father and son who don't see eye-to-eye and forget what family is but they come back together when... Please Share and Like Th...
Tyler Dender's insight:

This is truly amazing! The story is about a boy in his teens that is living a very social life and staying out late and eating late. Well the boys father really does not like the fact that he is staying out late. The 2 men really don't have a real father son relationship. One night the boy comes home late and his father loses it and the boy and the boy leaves and does not come back for a little while. At the new job his son is working he falls from a decently high place and is paralyzed. The boys stays in hospital and really is depressed and does not want to eat or talk, the father watches from far away and really feels some gilt. One night the father come into the room and takes his son out side and puts him on his back and try's to help him walk. They practice and practice and in the end the boy is able to start walking on his own.


I can relate this story in many ways. Certain examples include the beatitude blessed are the merciful, I can relate this in the sense that the boy almost accepted the apology by his father by understanding that his father is trying to make a difference in his life. The boy understands that people sin and he gives his dad a second chance. The second thing I can relate the story to is  the beatitude pure in heart, I can connect this in the sense that the father may not have shown it in the beginning but by the end he was committed to the well being of his son. I'm not saying that he didn't care for his son but it was how he showed it in the beginning to the end that was the change.


I think this video is really the thing that lingers in your mind and really makes you think about the real connection by the father and son. whether you throw a baseball of watch sports you are still having that connection with your dad that is truly priceless. 

Adrian Arulseelan's comment, June 1, 2014 10:19 PM
great post, Tyler. I really liked this video. I also liked both your insight and Leanna's reaction. Somethings I noticed in this video that neither you or Leanna mentioned were some traits of a Christ-like love. These traits were: a Christ-like love does not suffer needlessly,but neither does it run away from suffering when running would be a denial of love and a Christ-like desires what is best for the other. The father suffered so much trying to help his son walk, and you could definitely see it in his face. He did it any way because he loved his son so much I found this very inspirational. He also demonstrated his desire for the best of his son when doing this action. he knew that is it would be best for his son if he was able to walk, so he worked hard so that his son could have the best outcome.He wanted his son to succeed, so he worked to ensure that. I definitely like how much love the father had for his son. He cared so much even though he showed so much anger towards his son because the way he ate, and because he was always out late. It reminds me of how God forgives no matter what. The father forgave his son, and suffered for him because he loved him even though his son did so much to annoy and anger him.
Chandler Antrobus's comment, June 6, 2014 8:31 PM
Nice scoop Tyler. I liked this video because his father tried to help his son start walking again after a tragic accident. What I liked about your relating section is that you related this story to the beatitude "Blessed are the Merciful". I liked it because i agree that yes he is showing the trait by seeking forgiveness.
Afreen Syed's comment, June 7, 2014 4:42 PM
This scoop shows us the daily challenges that our parents have to go through to make us happy. I enjoyed watching this video because it showed how much patience our parents must have to allow their kids to be out in the real world. The son never appreciated his father, however, the father had nothing but worry and compassion for his son. What most kids do not realize is that their parents only want the best for them and in times of need, your parents are always there for you. One aspect that I appreciated in the video was the relation to his father teaching him how to walk as a child. Another thing that kids don't realize is the constant sacrifices that parents have to make from the moment their kids are born. Parents teach you right from wrong and always love you. This is an example of Christ-like love desires what is best for the other. Even when the father was yelling at his kid, it was only because he wanted the best life for his son. The father does not just sit back and watch while his son throws his life away, although that would be the easier route. He tries to push his son to do the right thing and do something with his life. Good job Tyler!
Scooped by Tyler Dender!

You Are Blessed (the beatitudes song) - YouTube

robyn collins and beau hoffman decided to write a song to make it easier for people to remember Jesus' teachings, the Beatitudes. the promise is that scriptu...
Tyler Dender's insight:

In this wonderful song Robyn Collins portrays the 8 beatitudes in a clear and wonderful way. From blessed are the poor in spirit to blessed are those who are persecuted for rightness sake this is a very educational song. I also liked how Robyn gave a little example/ introduction to each of the beatitudes. That helped me make connections and wrap my head around the main idea of that certain beatitude.


     Throughout this video I can relate to many things. Certain examples include all the beatitudes sang throughout the song but as well as the meaning of each of them. For example the beatitude blessed are the merciful, I can relate when she says God will show you mercy too. I can relate when we talked about how we have too show mercy to others many times and then you will also receive mercy from the Lord. Secondly the verse in the song " Receive these gifts from God" I can interpret this because when we talked about how if you follow these 8 beatitudes we will receive these gifts from God in many different ways.  Mr. Small and my class mates I was able to fully understand all 2:50 minutes of the video. I was also able to relate to the ones I think I show and the ones I think I can improve on by knowing what they mean. Now I can improve that connection with God and make it stronger.


     In this reflecting portion it really makes me think of how I can create that bond with God and or make it stronger. Now by visually seeing the beatitudes I am able to interpret them into my own words. In the song the line " All heaven applauds" really makes me think about the meaning and what Robyn is trying to say.








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Scooped by Tyler Dender!

The Inspirational Video Everyone Should Live By ► AmazingLife247 - YouTube

Most Inspirational Commercial: Send in clips you find online: Sent in by:
Tyler Dender's insight:

In this amazing video it starts off with a boy stealing some medicine from a local store. The young boy is caught and then is being yelled at by the store clerk, a man hears the lady screaming at the boy and he comes running over. He asks '' why do you need this?'' The boy says ''my mother is sick.'' The man pays for the items and get his daughter to bring some soup as well. the boy set off home with the medicine and some soup from his store. The man later in life suffers some brain trauma and is sent to the hospital. The hospital expenses are a lot of money to much for the daughter to pay off. As the daughter is sitting there weeping, the hospital invoice is beside her and the total is 0$. Later the daughter realizes that that young boy who the father helped out paid it forward and paid for all of his hospital expenses. The young boy went on to be a brain doctor. 


In the relate section there are some things that really stood out for me. Certain examples include the beatitude blessed are the pure in heart. The man and the boy shoed this in the sense of they did things out of the kindness of their heart. From a small thing of paying for the medicine to helping the man survive. they did not do it to be recognized and that is what I think is the big boarder line between doing something generous. I think both men were honest and sincere. Secondly the Christ like love "does not calculate the cost of giving" both of them did not even think twice about there decision they did it out if there heart which also ties into the beatitude that I talked about yesterday.


I believe this is a very good video to watch and truly think about what happened and how you see how these men acted. I truly believe we should live by the saying " pay it forward" I think this is a amazing saying that really makes the world a better place.



Genelle Lorraine's comment, May 24, 2014 6:37 AM
This video is very heart-warming. What I really like about this video is how it shows the importance of giving. It shows us that being generous towards others will also benefit us in the end. It's like a cycle, when you're generous with others, they will be generous with you. It basically refers to the golden rule, "Treat others the way you would want to be treated." This video also shows us that simple actions of generosity can truly change the lives of others. The man who works at the soup shop did a simple act of generosity towards the boy by giving him soup and medicine. The man didn't choose to be a bystander. This changed the life of the young boy because he ended up becoming a great doctor and he is also generous with others. This proves that acts of kindness and generosity truly have an impact on people's lives, more than we think.
Hannah Ravela's comment, May 24, 2014 5:29 PM
As I was searching for videos for my "scoop it" I passed by this video as well. This video is a really good video. What I like about this video is that how kindly the man acted towards the boy despite seeing the boy steal something. I also like how the man indirectly asked the boy how badly he needs the stuff that he steals it from the store by saying "Is your mom sick". I really like how he gives the boy a chance to explain himself before judging him. In this video the man shows how to give someone a chance and how to forgive them. The man forgive the boy by understanding what the situation is and helping him. He also shows the positive behaviours of some beatitudes, Blessed are those who mourn, Blessed are the peace makers, Blessed are the merciful and Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. He shows these behaviours by understading the boy's felling and helping the boy, giving the boy medicine and food. He forgive the kid of what he has done, stealing and he also stand up for the boy when the store owner caught the child stealing and hurting him. But in my opinion the boy also shows a christian perspective on being with others, prioritizing his family. I bet the kid knows that stealing is bad but despite this knowledge he still tried to steal for his mom, who is sick.