Grade Nine Religion Semester 2
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The Broken (short film) - YouTube

God's got a big heart, but much of it is hurting because of the issues shown in this film. I got to see Him empower/guide throughout the making of this in se...
Genelle Lorraine's insight:

     "The Broken" is a short film that emphasizes multiple issues that many teens and/or young adults go through. It involves the stories of multiple women that are broken in different ways. One female deals with the issue of forcing herself in a crowd where she is acting like someone she's not. Another female deals with the pressure to be perfect so she forces herself to vomit in order to lose weight. The next female deals with being stuck in an abusive relationship in which she believes that she is in love. Other issues shown in this film are teen pregnancies, the death of a spouse, and self-harm. Many of the women in the film are broken but God's grace still shines through. The female who does self-harm realizes how far she has gone and turns to God for help. She writes to him and thanks him for his grace and healing power. The female who is in an abusive relationship looks in the mirror and realizes that she is in a dangerous situation and is no longer blinded by love. Many of the women are dealing with so much pain that may take a life-time to heal but with God's grace, his healing hand has the power to save and protect them all.


     This short film relates to the concepts of self-worth (self-esteem) and the true meaning of love . The females who deal with self-harm, bulimia, and a teen pregnancy show examples of those who don't have self-worth. Without self-worth, you look at yourself as if you are worthless and these females show how dangerous it can be if you don't develop it. Lack of self-value can result in treating yourself harmfully, such as self-harm or doing things to yourself that are dangerous in order to be "perfect". It may also cause having sex at a young age which not only results in life-time consequences, but also disrespect towards God. God is within all of us so showing lack of respect for ourselves as a whole (body and spirit), shows lack of respect for God aswell. The abusive relationship in this short film shows an example of how people can be blinded by what they believe is real love. The bible states that, "Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude; Love never ends." (1 Corinthians 13.4, 8). The abusive relationship in this film does not have any love within it. The relationship is most likely based off of infatuation because if real love developed between the two, there would be no physical or emotional pain. Insecurity is also present in their relationship which is what infatuation brings, while real love brings confidence.


     After watching "The Broken", we learn that it doesn't matter how broken we are because in the end, it is possible to heal with help from God. We all can be broken in different ways but as it was stated in the film, God has the power to turn something ugly in our lives into something beautiful. This is very important to remember because when we are in the middle of a situation in which we feel as if there is no hope, we can turn to God to give us the strength to keep going on. We may feel that sometimes we will be destroyed forever but there is truly more than enough time to heal as long as we open up about our problems and admit to them. The first step to healing is to admit that we have a problem and once you do that, turning to God for help will keep us on our road towards mending our broken pieces.  Just because we are broken, it doesn't mean that we are weak. Painful experiences help us become stronger. When someone turns to self-harm, it really shows you how hopeless someone can feel. When you see the girl in the video who goes through self-harm, she realizes how broken she has become and in the end, turning towards God allowed her to heal. This proves that no matter what there is always hope even in the most doubtful situations. This is simply because God is by our side for every tomorrow that we face.



Leanna Shoniker's comment, May 26, 2014 9:17 PM
I found this video very inspirational. I especially liked your choice in the video, as it is targeted toward teenagers/young adults and displays some of the tragic things people of this age can be experiencing, and that there is always help and a solution: God. I liked how you explained how disrespecting our bodies is just like disrespecting God, and disrespecting God is wrong. It really required me to think because in some cases in the video, such as the young woman who self harmed, she could have a mental illness like depression or impulse control disorder. That got me thinking, if an individual has a mental disorder in which they are harming themselves but have no intent to and do not want to harm God but simply cannot refrain from doing those actions, would that still be wrong? I also liked how you differentiated love and infatuation by referencing the young woman who was in an abusive relationship but would not leave because she had convinced herself she was in love. However, you could have added the beatitude "Blessed are the poor in spirit" when the young woman at the end is saying she needs God. She is admitting she cannot do everything alone and needs the help of God, therefore she is poor in spirit.
Scooped by Genelle Lorraine!

Change For A Dollar - YouTube

One of the MOST VIEWED films in schools nationwide - take 10 minutes and understand why! We could all use a little kindness! ** PLEASE NOTE ** This film and ...
Genelle Lorraine's insight:

   "Change For A Dollar" is a short film in which a homeless man is given very little but manages to find a lot of value within it. As the homeless man asks for change outside a store, he is given less than a dollar by someone who passes by. With this small amount of change, he is able to change many lives. He helps a mother find a job she desperately needs, he provides warmth for other homeless people, he donates some money to a charity for a baby with cancer, he helps a couple end a fight, and he changes the life of a homeless teenager. With his last few quarters, he decides to give them to the homeless teenager so that she can call her mother in order to go home. It is  evident that he does not want the teenager to become like him. A few cents are the only things he has yet he still chooses to help others. 


   This video shows us examples of Christ- like love. The homeless man demonstrates that Christ-like love is not just an emotion, it is also a decision. He also shows us that Christ-like love is generous and does not calculate giving. The homeless man has nothing except a few cents that is barely valued now-a-days. Instead of using the money for himself, he chooses to serve others, knowing that his service may go unnoticed. He obviously needs the money for himself but instead, he cares more about helping others. He also knows that he will not receive anything back, especially since the people who he helps are those who don't have much to give. Despite this, he chooses to be selfless and generous knowing that it is the right thing to do. 


   In my opinion, I think this video shows us that we have no excuse as to why we shouldn't help others. It inspires us to be generous at all times even when we have very little. It shows us that it is possible to be giving even when you have almost nothing.This homeless man barely has anything yet he manages to help others in so many ways. If a homeless man has the ability to be so generous, it means that we all have the ability to help others. This video also helps us understand that the smallest and the simplest actions that we do have an affect on people. The homeless man simply gave a few quarters to a teenager. These quarters allowed her to call her mother so that she can have a home again. With a home, she has shelter, a family, food, warmth, and the chance to prosper as she grows up. If the homeless man never gave her those quarters, she would have lost so many opportunities. His generous actions towards other people, are generous actions towards God. As the Lord said, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." (Matthew 25:40).


Adrian Arulseelan's comment, May 17, 2014 10:29 PM
This video is definitely inspirational. What I love so much about it is that it is unrealistic. But when I say this I mean it in a good way, When you think about it Jesus was probably one of the most unrealistic people of his time. Much of what he did was hardly ever considered the normal and rational thing to do. He healed lepers, he hung around with tax collectors, and he associated with those who would've been considered unclean at the time. His most unrealistic action however, was giving all that he had (His life) to save us, and change our lives forever. He held nothing back, much like the homeless man in the video. The homeless man gave away probably all the money he had, which was what we would consider barely anything at all. But when we think about how much we donate, we should realize that we are the ones barely giving anything at all. Say we were to donate $20 every week at church (Which seems like a pretty fair estimate), assuming we make at least $500 a week doing work (Another conservative estimate), we are only donating 4% of what we have. The homeless gave way all of his money and then some to people in situations that were just as bad or worse than his. He therefore gave 100% of what he had, which is what we would consider so unrealistic. I don't even think one of us even knows a person who has given away almost all they have to help another person in need. Not many of us could say that if we were in the same position as the homeless man, we would've done exactly what he did. He did the most loving thing to do, even though he ended up again on the streets looking for change. We pale in comparison to what the homeless man gave. He definitely does in the video what Jesus would've wanted. He gave and gave without calculating the cost of giving, and he treated the people how he would've liked to be treated. This video definitely helps put into a modern context the loving yet unrealistic teachings of Jesus (In our eyes).
Hannah Ravela's comment, May 18, 2014 2:45 PM
What I like about this video is how the homeless guy gave all the things he has to those who needs it. I thought he is a really good role model. When I first saw this video in grade seven I wondered why would the homeless man give all he has to others. I thought that it doesn't make sense. Since his a homeless person and all he has is a dollar. Instead of buying food for himself he gave it to others. Then I remember how God also sacrifice his only son so save us from our sins. He sacrificed his only son because he loves us so much. In this world there's always a decision where you have to sacrifice something to help others or yourself. But sometimes we don't like to give up something or someone we love. For example your family is moving to a really far place from you current place because of your parents work. But your leaving all your friends. Then you ended up hating your parents because you don't want leave all your friends.This video is a really good example of sacrificing something just to help others. If you have a really difficult decision where you have to sacrifice something, think about God and this video. This will help you realize that it's ok to sacrifice something to help others or even yourself, that's life.
Afreen Syed's comment, June 8, 2014 2:51 PM
This scoop is very inspirational. It shows us people go through struggles daily and chances are that someone's life is more difficult than ours. The homeless man received barely enough money to buy a single chocolate bar, and yet he bought coffee and a lighter for others and not himself. This shows the Beatitude blessed are the pure in heart. The homeless man shows this Beatitude because he is consistent. He is always going to help others, not only when he feels like it. This man is committed to the well being of everyone. He shows this by buying coffee for the woman outside, giving money for cancer research, giving a flower to a man for the purpose of resolving the fight with his spouse, buying a lighter for the men who were freezing, and giving his leftover change so that a girl could call home. He has not only done several good deeds, he has also made several people extremely happy. The is also an example of Christ-like love understanding and accepting the emotions of others, rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep. The homeless man clearly notices and understands the feelings of others. This shows that he his not selfish, nor is he self-absorbed. Great work Genelle
Scooped by Genelle Lorraine!

Hospital Window - Inspirational Video - YouTube

Genelle Lorraine's insight:

     This short film is about two men, Maury and Mr. Johnson,  who share the same hospital room and support each other through times of difficulty. In the beginning of the video, outside the hospital window is known to be a park. Mr. Johnson is blind so Maury tells him stories of events that occur in the park. He tells him stories of young love and how a man purposes to his girlfriend. These stories help Mr. Johnson see the beauty of life and they are what keep him hopeful and joyful. The day comes when Maury is due for an operation. Unfortunately, he does not come back alive. When Mr. Johnson finds out, he asks a nurse to look outside the window for him and to tell him what she sees in the park. As the nurse looks outside the window, she reveals to Mr.Johnson that there is nothing outside the window other than a brick wall.


     Maury and Mr. Johnson demonstrate a type of intimacy and what it means to be in a loving Christian relationship. Emotional intimacy is present in Maury and Mr.Johnson's relationship. Emotional intimacy refers to two people being open with each other and being able to share their feelings knowing that they will understand one another. Both of the men share the same situation in which they are bound to the hospital as a result of their illnesses. This allows them to understand each other very well because they are currently sharing the same experience. Maury helps Mr. Johnson remain positive with the stories he tells him and this allows Mr. Johnson to enjoy life even though he doesn't have the ability to see it. This also demonstrates both parties benefiting or giving and receiving. A friendship should result in and learning something from one another. Because of Maury's stories, Mr. Johnson learns that you don't need to see life in order to see the beauty of it. He learns that life is beautiful and you shouldn't give up on it no matter what.


     This short film teaches us about how you can truly enjoy life. It teaches us that you don't need something extravagant in order to be happy. The simplest things can have the most power in order to make you enjoy what you have. We also learn that we shouldn't let anything stop us from seeing the beauty of life. If you remain positive and change your perspective on your current situation, it is possible to be happy. Maury's stories gave Mr. Johnson so much hope and happiness. Mr. Johnson is blind and basically glued to his hospital bed. He is in a situation in which being positive and trying to be happy is like trying to climb one of the biggest mountains in the world without both legs. It's incredibly challenging, but not impossible. Spencer West had no legs yet he was able to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Mr. Johnson would never be able to see again, yet such simple stories from Maury kept him alive. This helps us realize that even if we go through the most difficult obstacles, it is possible to be truly happy if we look at the small and simple things in life and remain positive.

Logan Morais's comment, June 3, 2014 9:01 AM
i agree that you can enjoy life with out having all the benifets of it, although he was able to see every thing he would be able to have a feeling like like he can see it, i also feel the saying "you need to see it to believe it" fits in well because the whole time Maury was looking at a wall and telling a story. This goes to show that you can always live life to the fullest.