Grade Nine Religion Semester 2
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Inspiration | Grade Nine Religion Semester 2 |

On any given day, inspiration is gathered from a multitude of sources. Sometimes it is simply a matter of letting imagination run wild. Like stepping back in time to days of innocence, practical jokes, and of course, stupid things experienced as a kid that ignite memory after memory. After all, we were super-powers! Playing hard (outside nonetheless!), improvising, laughing often and getting hugged every time we skinned our knees. Imagination, that’s the name of the game.

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What are your sources of inspiration?

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You’re Too Blessed

You’re Too Blessed | Grade Nine Religion Semester 2 |
You’re too blessed to be stressed. Let it go and enjoy this day! -Joel Osteen
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I think what this means is that God created us to be happy and even though we all make mistakes we are all perfect in our own way.God never made us wrong and no matter how wrong the things we do are fine and although they are wrong we have a chance to make them right. and we have too many gifts to be just wasted and throw away so I guess what I am really trying to say is that Iall of us have too many things and gifts tio just throw them away we have to embrace them and be happy for the things we have.

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Scripture of the Day – January 20, 2014

Hope, joy, and peace overflowing. Why is trusting God, really letting go and trusting Him fully, so difficult for most of us when these wonderful gifts await us? Lord, help us to trust that the amazing treasures of hope, joy and peace are on the other side of letting go of our own agendas, plans, and preferences to fully trust our lives and moments into Your excellent care. Many of our Scripture of the Day photos are from our Jewish Voice Ministries international medical missions to Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and India where we minister to the Lost Tribes of Israel and their neighbors. In some of the most impoverished communities of the world we tend to the bodies and souls of a needy and thirsty people. We bring healing and hope as we share the Good News of Yeshua through free medical and dental clinics. Without these outreaches many of these desperate people would never get the medical care they need. Be a life-giver! Partner with us on our Medical Outreaches. Join us on and outreach or su
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I think that this topic tells uas that it is hard for us to believe in something that you cant see feel or touch. anyway it still doesn't mean that you shouldn't belive in it . it means that you just need to try harder because it will help you.but its not to say that I or this topic is forcing you to believe in god it is a choice that every human has the chance to make. and once yo do it means that you put god above everything. it meands that your own things in your life don't matter as much as God and whether you like to belive it God comes means risking your life and worshiping God it means preaching in countries your not allowed to preach in because you are just that devoted. but what it isn't is a full blown mistake and it is certaintly not working on your own is doing it just because your doing it and not becausew there is a reward involved.

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Spiritual Picture Quote About Faith and Trust

Spiritual Picture Quote About Faith and Trust | Grade Nine Religion Semester 2 |
Inspirational Quote About Having Faith With faith and trust in our spiritual relationships there are no challenges we cannot face and overcome. ~Randi G Fine~

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This article talks about the importance of trust and faith in a relationship. It says that you cannot do anything in a relationship without trusting somebody or having faith in them. With your fait and trust in a relationship there is nothing we can't overcome. 


The concept learned in class about faith is that it is important and leads you on the path to having a Christ like love. This makes it a lot simpler because it puts it in a new perspective to understand. if you have faith in he lord than he will deliver what you seek but not on your own time on his time. 


It it is important for you the classmate or you the student  to read this document because it is one of your marks too . It will also help me get a better insight on what I need to do and will help me correct the errors I have made or show me a new perspective on looking at this. Thank you for reading my presentation .

Chandler Antrobus's comment, June 2, 2014 6:24 PM
I like this scoop Christian. This is truly a quote to live by. What i liked about your scoop is how you connected this quote to a Christ like love. i believe that, yes it does connect to our Christ like love lesson because it talks about our relationships and having faith and trust. Another thing I would have added to this is the quote relating to the christian characteristics of a relationship. I would relate it to this because we discussed that within a relationship (spiritual or not) love is what really builds the foundation of the relationship and along with love comes trust, faith and many of the characteristics of a christian relationship. Well done.
Kyle Gablenz's comment, June 4, 2014 9:51 PM
Great scoop Christian. I liked how you connected this quote with Christ like love. I also liked how you talked about how things like faith and trust in our relationships. Some things i thought you could have added is to talk more about what Christ like love is. I also think you could have talked about how this trust should not be in just one partner but in both partners in a relationship. Overall i think you had a very good scoop but I think you could have backed up your statements more but other then that it was really good!
Randi G Fine's comment, June 5, 2014 9:43 AM
Thank you for your comments Christian, Tyler, Chandler, and Kyle. My quotes and writings are never slanted in a particular religious direction. I leave the interpretation up to the reader to apply it to their own way of thinking and their own experiences. Spiritual relationships mean different things to different people, but the bottom line is that we must have trust and faith in something bigger than ourselves in order to get through life. I am glad that this quote warranted deeper thought.