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What is the purpose of my life?

Not my video. If you're not touched by what this man has done, you seriously need to re-look at the purpose of life.
Kayla Marania's insight:

Narayanan Kirshnan is a man from India who woked with Taj Group of Hotels who was touched by an old man who ate his own human waste. He then thought "What was his purpose of his life?" In a star hotel he feeds all his guest but in his own home town there are poeple who are living without any food. So he quit his job and began to feed the poeople. He fed the homeless the mentally ill destitute, and the old people who were uncared for. Not only did he feed the poeople he gave them baths and then cut and shaved their hair. 


This is another video about soemone who was giving back to the homeless. Since i will be going to the Philipines next December 2014 I will be going something similar to what Kirshnan is. I will also help feed the popele. And he states in the video "The ultimate purpose of living is to give." Not to be greedy and not wanting more, but to give back. 


One thing that touched me in this video wasw that he very much expressed and states that; "I am just a human. For me everybody is the same." THere are some points in our life where we become to ahead of our sleves and we forget to be huimble. And this video was a good reminder to stay humble and to give back. 

Jon Patrick Ruste's comment, November 10, 2013 11:48 AM
I have seen this video before and after seeing it again i can see how Narayanan felt. The way this man gave up a lot really amazes me. He gives up his job just to help others. He was showing us that the purpose of life is to be good to others cause we are all human and we are all equal. this has really inspired me to do some that will make someone else feel better. Thanks for posting.
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No Arms No Legs No Worries Trailer

Buy it today: Nick Vujicic wants you to feel good about yourself. In this DVD titled, "No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!...
Kayla Marania's insight:

     Here is a little glimps of a man who lives with no arms and no legs. He is an inspirational speaker who goes around the world speaking to  kids, teenager, and adults the goodness of life. He goes around the world to reach out and touch people's hearts with a postive attidude. He tells us "When you feel like giving up, dont give up because you are special and I want you to know that you can do something speical in your life." In the video he leaned how to play soccer, how to swim and fish. Rember he all did these things with out any arms. This man is Nick Vjuicic.


     I turly suport of what he says and states in this video. We need to stay postive in every situation. To live life to its fullets. YOLO all the way! I'm just kidding! We can all relate to this video. We all want to be someone who touches someones life and changes them forever.


     Nick said, "What's the point of being complete on the ouside when your broken in the inside." This qestion made me think, Whats the point of living when you dont try or put any effort to make your life better? What is the point of living when you feel dying? Whats the point of living when it seems ad if no one cares? There is a simple answer to all these qestions. YOU ARE SPECIAL. And thats what some really close to my heart told me. You are special. And now here I am trying to touch your heart. Look at your self in the mirror in the morning and say, "I AM SPECAIL AND I AM BLESSED."


Evan H's comment, November 21, 2013 10:11 PM
Nick Vujicic is a great inspirational person to all people. videos like these are a great reminder that people like these are always able to be successful. Reminds me of the the video i posted with the man with no arms.
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Iron Man Helps The Homeless Smile

All the money made from this video will be donated to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. Dear Whoever Made It To The Description Box To...
Kayla Marania's insight:

     This is a Youtuber who was inspired by these 2 guys who gave back to the homeless and made them smile. But with this Youtuber did was dress up as a superhero Iron Man and go out and be a hero to someone who really needs help. He went out to the store and bought some of his favourtie things to give out to the homeless to make them smile. Some of the things he bought for them was a pillow, an Iron man tshirt, mountain dew, diritos and a star Bucks gift card. And in the end of this story "Iron Man succssed his mission. He all got smiles from the people he gave to. 


     We all want to help the homeless and be a better person. We all want to have the bubbly feeling inside knowing that we did something good. Towards the ending of the movie he wrote "Even though we are human, there is a super hero inside all of us, all you need is a helping hand. So If yo have a chance to be a hero, take it." As we live in a well developed countriy we are blessed and fortineate to have a roof over our head, new clothes and food to eat. We can always help the less fourtinate by giving back to the local charities. Christmas is also coming up and we can all participate in Toy Mountain. We always have the oppurtinity to give back, we just need to take a stand and do it.


     Next year in December 2014 I am going back to my home land to the Phillipines and give back to the people. I will be going to orphanages, and churches and maybe just buying food to who ever i see. This will be my chance to give back. Im not telling you to wait another year. Do it now! Go and give back!


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Who You Are: A Message To All Women

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Kayla Marania's insight:

 This is a an inspirtational message, to all the women out there. It reminds us that we are loved and, there is someone there who cares about us. No matter who you think you are, you are powerful and capabel of anything that comes in your way. 


 Each and everyone one of us has our good and bad days. On your good days, remember to shine and help others who aren't having such a good day; by telling them that they are awesome. On your bad days, rememeber that you are awesome, you are speical, and you are loved. I know what it feels like to feel like you are not enough and, im pretty sure most of us have felt that way too. Including you boys! When I watched this video, I was having one of my bad days. Just listening to him speak, touched me. Each word he said hit me. It made me realize how blessed each and everyone of us really is.  


This video made me feel that I can be better, better than the person I was yesterday and, better than the person I am today. It is nice to hear that someone loves you. Even though we know it; it's nicec to hear it come out from someone else. Remember you are awesome and, dont you forget that! 



Siobhan Bruce's comment, November 2, 2013 1:11 PM
I adored this video! Kayla and Lindsay have the same opinions as I did while watching the video! I have to agree with the two with everything they said about reminding others how important they are, to having that thought that you are special and loved. Just hearing that women have changed the world drastically in a positive manor gives me strength and the courage to stand up for what it right and become a stronger human being than I was yesterday.
britney mighty's comment, November 9, 2013 6:51 PM
this video empower me i totally agree with the opinions of Siobhan and Lindsay . We all have those days were we feel ugly etc but we forget how beautiful God made us to be and we are strong and can over come any battle , God would never put us in a situation where he doesn't feel we can grow from. After watching this video i don't think i can be better then i was yesterday but i KNOW i can .
Evan Wyatt's comment, November 10, 2013 8:22 PM
I agree with everyone's insight, this is a very empowering video that has changed the way I think. The video has helped me to remind myself that I should constantly remind people on how important they are to me. As humans we all make mistakes and go through bad times but God made us so we could go through those days and become stronger. This video really stressed the importance of how much we mean to everyone and it has opened up my thinking so I can remind myself this. I may not be a woman but I feel that this message applies to everyone including men. This is a really inspirational video, thanks for putting it up Kayla.