Grade Nine Religion Semester 2
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Sudanese woman who is eight-months pregnant to be flogged to death

Sudanese woman who is eight-months pregnant to be flogged to death | Grade Nine Religion Semester 2 |

Pregnant woman Mariam Yahya Ibrahim has been sentenced to death in Sudan for ‘leaving Islam’ because her father was a Muslim and she married a Christian man.

Via Esiri Ministries
Adrian Arulseelan's insight:

This Article speaks about a mother who is 8 months pregnant, who is being imprisoned and is sentenced to death for her faith. Mariam Yahya Ibrahim is resident of Sudan, and she going to be executed for supposedly committing 2 crimes: Adultery and Apostasy. Adultery because she is considered Muslim by birth in Sudan and for marrying a Christian, and Apostasy which is the renouncement of a religion. When called out on her act of Apostasy and asked to return to Islam, Mariam disagreed saying that she was always a Christian. Her husband is distraught and frustrated. Her lawyers are fighting for her freedom, and a government official stated that her case could be appealed in higher courts. Many people are protesting in favour of the rights of Mariam, while some are happy because the courts current decision. Many Sudanese students near Khartoum University are protesting the charge, human rights abuses, and are asking for more freedom. Officials however have decided to close down the university.


This article relates to the two beatitudes: "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness", and "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake". This article also relates to fortitude and justice. It relates to the first beatitude I stated because of Mariam's Husband and all the protesters fighting for her freedom. They want the most righteous outcome. They want for Mariam to be released. They have the sense to realize that punishing a women for being Christian is not right, unlike the government of Sudan. These protesters are working for a positive change. They want more freedom in Sudan. They don't want people being whipped for marrying a Christian, or being killed because they choose to be of another religion contrary to the country's established religion. This article also relates to blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, because Mariam is going to be killed for doing a just thing - Sticking to her faith. She is being persecuted for her religion, and therefore she is being persecuted because she stands by a righteous cause. Also the students at Khartoum University are being persecuted for a righteous cause. Their university is being closed down because they support Justice. They are suffering in the name of what is right.


I think this article is important for us to read because it teaches us about standing behind what is right. It teaches us that even if we are punished unjustly because we are told that something we do or believe in is wrong, it doesn't mean we have to conform to the beliefs of others. Mariam was given the chance to recant her Christian beliefs, and avoid punishment, but instead she chose to stick to her faith and dace whatever unjust punishments may come her way. Mariam is teaching us about fortitude because she has the strength to endure the adversity of mistreatment and persecution while being pregnant and caring for another child. We can learn from Mariam about doing what's right. No matter what anyone told her, she still decided to remain true to her faith, which can be truly difficult. This article is inspirational because of all the people who are protesting her unjust imprisonment and  punishment. It inspires me to get involved with social justice issues. This is because so many people who may not even know Mariam are fighting for her freedom. 

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Jesus Is Using a Sonless Father to Teach Fatherless Sons | The ...

Jesus Is Using a Sonless Father to Teach Fatherless Sons | The ... | Grade Nine Religion Semester 2 |
A heartfelt letter from a father to the son he knew only briefly reveals how Jesus can use even a sonless father to help men who don't have dads of their own. Dear Son,. The last guests left the reception after your big sister ...
Adrian Arulseelan's insight:

This is a letter form Dave Bruskas, a Pastor, to his deceased son David, which he writes  after the wedding of one his daughters Lisa. He writes to his son to tell him about the wedding and about what he thinks about all that has happened since his birth, and death. His male child David died at only 2 months and 4 days old, and all of that time was spent in the ICU of a Children's hospital, because David was ill. During that time Dave and his wife hoped and prayed that their beloved son would survive, but sadly he didn't. Dave however gained a lot of unforgettable memories from those 64 days David spent with them. Throughout this letter Dave expresses how much he longs to have the Father-Son connections like watching the game, or all the important Father-Son conversations that he never got to share with David. He longed as well to teach David how to be a man. Because of these reasons, Dave decides to write out all the lessons on being a man he would he would have taught David had he survived to learn them. Because the Death his only son, Dave hopes to teach fatherless sons all that they need to know.


This letter in many ways links to course material, One way I believe it does so is how it relates to a Christ-like love. The cross is a symbol of a Christ-like love, and one with a Christ-like love is called to love without limits and conditions. Dave Bruskas loved and still loves his son David with all his heart. He loves David even though he only spent 64 days of his life with him. In such an extremely short period time Dave was so deeply affected by the love of his son that even today there is barely an hour that goes by without him thinking about him. His unending love for his son exemplifies a Christ-LIke love. Also this story could also bring up an interesting perspective on the Pro-life, Pro- choice debate. Dave spent every minute of his sons life with him in the ICU, hoping and praying to God that his son would pull through. One could just imagine the price he would've payed to see his son survive. There are people in the world who hope, pray and cry for the conception of a child, and there are people who abuse this gift and destroy the one thing that some people just can't have. This letter could prove to be an excellent argument on the Pro-life side of the abortion debate. 


This letter is very touching. It is so sad to think about this father who spent so long praying for the survival of his one and only son. It could teach us a lesson on loving others. A man loving someone he only knew for two months so much that he even now he can't help but think of this person every single day of his life. Nowadays we find it difficult to love people we have known for years even slightly. Dave could have simply let his son die alone. He could have simply forgot about his son and leave behind any pain he would felt as he stayed with him day after day. He didn't run away from suffering. He let his love pour into this child that he had lost hope in, a child that he knew  was going to die. He knew he would have to suffer after his child's death, yet he loved and still loves. If everyone in the world learns to love and show care like Dave Bruskas did for a person he didn't even know longer than the length of an average season, I'm sure the world would be a much, much better place. Also we can turn to this article to help us think twice about having an abortion. We should think about all the people who long to have children, and about how incredibly selfish it is to choose to have an abortion.    


Christian Porteous's comment, May 14, 2014 5:24 PM
My look on how this story has turned out is that the father has kept his distance and done what he needed to do and maybe can't see the boy or the teen boy for his own safety and things have maybe not been working out and his dad shows hi a letter or sends him a long letter of what could happen now and what has been happening for the longest while . The things I liked about this is the whole concept of this story and how he is just meeting his father through the letter and it may have been hard for him to read it or quit easy.
Adrian Arulseelan's comment, May 17, 2014 8:30 PM
Hey christian Dave's son is dead... He isn't alive to read it. Also quit what? Try and revise the reaction a little bit.
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Catholic Women Priests Fighting For Right To Preach What They Practice - CBS Local

Catholic Women Priests Fighting For Right To Preach What They Practice - CBS Local | Grade Nine Religion Semester 2 |
Catholic Women Priests Fighting For Right To Preach What They Practice
CBS Local
LOS GATOS (CBS13) — Inside one of the oldest churches is a new practice emerging that could change Catholicism forever.
Adrian Arulseelan's insight:

This article is about women and their right to become priests. For a long, long time the Catholic church has refused to allow women to become priests. Some women however disagree with this ruling and they have rebelled. Some women have chosen to go against their church and become catholic priests anyway. These women believe that it isn't right to not be allowed to become priests just because of their genders. 2 male bishops believed in this as well and they decided to ordain 10 females, who are now bishops. Because of the work of these two bishops there are now 124 women who are priests worldwide. Women priests believe strongly in their cause and they therefore open their homes or rent churches for their followers. These female priests are sick of the discrimination. Pope Francis has even thought about this cause. He has called for a discussion to reconsider old beliefs. More and more women aren't waiting and are becoming priests.


This article makes me think of the inclusive choice of Christ. Jesus taught us to love everyone equally, and to ignore social boundaries imposed on us based on things that we cannot change. The women priests want nothing more than to be accepted in the church as priests, but the catholic church however refuses to recognize them. I'm sure that all the male priests out there would hate it if they weren't allowed to become priests because of an attribute they had that they couldn't change, like their skin colour. These priests were allowed to become priests, so if they wanted it, then why don't they allow others to do so (The females who want to be priests) what they now want, and let them become priests. This becomes and argument of equality. Jesus came to earth and taught us to ignore boundaries and social standings and love all others equally. The church is here to spread the word of Jesus so why don't they practice what they preach? The church should treat all of its followers equally and allow them to become priests, if they desire so. We should be ignoring superficial boundaries and leaving freedom open to all, not just a selected group of people. This article also relates to the beatitude "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness". These women believe that it is the just and right thing to allow women to become priests. The women want very much to be allowed to become priests, and they thirst for righteous outcome.  


It is important that we read this article. It can help us to learn that even the mightiest of powers can make mistakes. The church isn't making the right decision by not allowing women to become priests and they are making this point clear because even our Pope is thinking that a change should be made. We know that it is possible for the church to make mistakes because of their past. For example residential schools. These schools were run by the church and they forced aboriginal children to give up their traditions and beliefs and assimilate with the rest of the people in Canada. Pope Benedict acknowledged the mistake the church had made and apologized for the way the church treated the aboriginal people. The government of Canada even made a formal apology. This article teaches mistakes can be made, and that the church could be making a big one currently by not allowing women to become priests. This article also teaches us about equality. We as a catholic church should be taking steps towards equality by allowing women to become priests. For what reason do we not allow women to become priests. It has already been established that women can do anything that men can, so why do we continue to refuse to let them become priests? The traditions of the church can be wrong and we therefore have to look at the objective truth. We can learn from this article that old traditions don't necessarily have to be the objective truth. We can also learn to fight for what we believe in. This video is inspirational because of all the women who are fighting to get what they want, and all the people who are going against their church because they believe in these women.       


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