30 April 2013, Reuters -- "In the "Wheat Belly Cookbook" Davis explains the thinking behind his wheat-free eating plan, adds updates on research and includes 150 wheat-free recipes and instructions on how to make pizzas, pies, cakes and cookies with other types of flour.


Davis said he first stumbled upon the benefits of not eating wheat when he was looking at ways to improve his patients' cardiovascular health.

He found that a modern strain of wheat had a high glycemic index, which rates how food affects blood sugar and insulin, and a protein called gliadin that he says stimulates the appetite.


After advising patients to remove wheat and wheat products from their diet Davis said he noticed over a few months that they had improved sugar levels, had lost weight, suffered less fatigue and experienced other benefits.

Davis spoke to Reuters about writing the cookbook, developing wheat-free recipes and how to substitute wheat with other foods."