Government shutdown
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Rescooped by Savannah covell from Commercial Real Estate Minnesota!

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Eli Russell's curator insight, April 4, 2013 3:39 PM

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Scooped by Savannah covell!

Hawaii shoppers stock up before commissaries close

Hawaii shoppers stock up before commissaries close | Government shutdown |
Furloughed federal workers in Hawaii are feeling the pinch from the government shutdown. Military families are also ...
Savannah covell's insight:

This article talks about the big rush that is going on in Hawaii to get perishable items. Many people that are employed at the Pearl Harbor  naval base  showed up to work and were given letters telling them to go home. Hawaiis commisionaware trying to to sell off perishable items before the state closes down. This caused shoppers to rush to get the last of the  perishable items they can get for now.


Maycelle Miller's curator insight, October 2, 2013 3:24 PM

The shock of the government shut down is evicting people everywhere. For the people in Hawaii, having the commissaries close is not the ideal situation. The people were given little to no warning and had to rush to get, nonparishables, produce and other food items fast. One Hawaii resident had said that the lines were longer then ones for hurricanes or tsunimis. the government shut down is also effecting jobs which is hard for people to not get paid when they have to support their families.


This article gives insight for me to how other people in other states are being affected by the government shut down. I never really realized just how involved the government is in our lives. Seeing places like commissaries close is hard to think that the government is allowing this to happen. I don't like how so many people aren't getting paid, and have no source of income to support a family. 

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