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Poverty has been rebranded as personal failure

Poverty has been rebranded as personal failure | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
Frances Ryan: The government absolves itself of guilt for the crisis its policies have produced by blaming disabled and poor people for their own difficulties (RT @SarahE_Davidson: Poverty has been rebranded as personal failure | Frances Ryan
pdowds30's insight:

People who live in poverty should never be labeled as failures. Our country has many opportunities to help every citizen succeed and the people who are able to provide these measures should. Just because the bills congress has passed aren't working, it doesn't mean we citizens shouldn't. America has a large population of wealthy people and let's face it, where are you putting all that money anyway? Into worthless things like cars and new clothes. Many of our fellow citizens don't have those things. We all abide by the same laws and share the same land of liberty, don't think you're any better because their luck ran out.

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:41 AM
I agree, I think just because you live in poverty doesn't mean you aren't worth something. Some people can't help they places they are put to live and some places they're put don't offer a lot of income in the area.
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Why Is Bitcoin's Value So Volatile? - Investopedia

Why Is Bitcoin's Value So Volatile? - Investopedia | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |

Yet, it has failed as yet to convert investors concerned about its potential rate of adoption as an alternative currency.

Via jean lievens
pdowds30's insight:

If you are interested in learning more about bit coins and how they are used I suggest reading this article. It is very informative about how bit coins are traded and what they are used for.  This article does not suggest a lot about their future, but it points out the good and the bad  that comes from trading with bit coins 

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:44 AM
The article is really descriptive when it comes to the trading of the bit coins and what they are used for. There are goods and bads that can come with the bit coin trading.
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Tweet from @Brilliant_Ads

Tweet from @Brilliant_Ads | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
German government "don't drink & drive" campaign
pdowds30's insight:

This is a very clever approach to stop drinking and driving. It shows people the effects it can have without actually saying anything aloud. I think that when it comes to issues like this, actions definitely speak louder than words, especially to someone who's never experienced a tragedy related to drinking and driving. Way to go Germany!

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:47 AM
This approach to stop drinking and driving will catch peoples attention I think more so when the effects are right in front of them without an annoying commercial.
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US trade policy putting public health at risk | Oxfam International

US trade policy putting public health at risk | Oxfam International | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
US trade policy putting public health at risk | Oxfam International via @sharethis

Via Jocelyn Stoller
pdowds30's insight:

Our government is raising the prices on drugs, which is putting them financially out of reach for those in poverty. They're putting the business part of our economy before the people who actually support the economy. This could mean disaster for drug companies around the world, as the U.S. is the lone supporter for crucial drugs in Vietnam, to keep then out of poverty and in good health. public policy should always be in favor of the people for itwas originally   implemented to help the people.

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:49 AM
Drugs are going down because the prices are going up and that isn't allowing those with low income to get a hold of them, which those are the ones most likely distributing them to make more money. Although this could end terribly because they aren't putting the people before the business.
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Clooney engaged: Law firm confirms worst-kept secret in show business - Chicago Tribune

Clooney engaged: Law firm confirms worst-kept secret in show business - Chicago Tribune | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly | Clooney engaged: Law firm confirms worst-kept secret in show business Chicago Tribune A London law firm confirmed the worst-kept secret in show business on Monday by sending congratulations to one of its lawyers and Hollywood...
pdowds30's insight:

George Clooney was named one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors after his divorce from his first wife. Now that he's engaged to a successful lawyer, it's almost like a reality check for all of America. Two different worlds are able to merge. Let's just hope our government doesn't decide that they need a break from reality to join Hollywood's view on things.

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:53 AM
This would be a good thing for America, to realize that two different things can become one. George Clooney, most eligible bachelor, is now becoming a successful lawyer. It'll be interesting to see how America views this.
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Congress returned to work to do the bare minimum - The Denver Post

Congress returned to work to do the bare minimum - The Denver Post | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
Congress returned to work to do the bare minimum The Denver Post The only things likely to become law in a Congress bitterly divided between House Republicans and the Democratic-led Senate are those that simply have to pass, such as a measure to...
pdowds30's insight:

America is fed up with how lazy congress is becoming.  They're doing only what they need to so the government won't shut down. This is another great example of why our constitution is not working In this area, as I'd shared in another article about why the united stated government needs to be shut down. Our government should be passionate about how we do things and the success those things bring.

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:54 AM
Congress isn't going above and beyond in their works, they're just doing what they need so that the government doesn't shut down. Our government should want to know and love how we do things, not fight and just do enough to not shut down.
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Teacher In Trouble For Warning His Students About Their Rights Regarding Incriminatory School Survey

Teacher In Trouble For Warning His Students About Their Rights Regarding Incriminatory School Survey | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
A high school teacher faces disciplinary action for informing his students of their 5th Amendment rights before handing them a survey on illegal activities (5th amendment

Via Tom Hauck
pdowds30's comment, April 29, 2014 4:32 PM
I think facing punishment for an action like this is absolutely ridiculous. This man chose to be an educator so he could educate those who know not about what he knows. The school should've taken a more anonymous approach toward the problem. They should not have pre-printed the students' names onto the survey. Children who feel like they need help should feel comfortable enough with a mentor to voluntarily open up to them about an issue.
Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:20 AM
Being educated on your rights is a good thing, you will understand what protects you and what doesn't. Students should feel comfortable enough with someone over seeing them on specific issues.
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Obamacare on Trial - Patriot Post

Obamacare on Trial - Patriot Post | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |

Nine Justices will decide the fate of ObamaCare


Fundamental to our system of governance is the concept of federalism -- the division of power between the federal government and the states. Cemented in the Constitution, this concept provides the federal government with only certain, specific ("enumerated") powers, while the states hold all other powers of governance over the individual. This division, along with separation of the federal powers into executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, is the bedrock that secures individual liberty in the U.S.


Although federalism has eroded significantly in the last century, it faces its most serious threat via the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare. This week the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) heard six hours of oral arguments over three days -- the longest amount of time allotted in almost half a century -- and a record-setting 130 amicus briefs in cases consolidated under the title, Department of Health and Human Services, et al., vs. State of Florida, et al., which challenge the constitutionality of the law.

Via Super Nova, Michael Hanson
pdowds30's insight:

This article relates ObamaCare to Federalism. Through ObamaCare , Federalism, the basis of our country's original being, is being completely tampered with. This health care movement completely confuses the branches of governance on a state and federal level. These two governments are forced to dip into each other's  responsibilities and everything will eventually knot itself up.

Michael Hanson's curator insight, April 15, 2014 8:59 PM

This article is about Obamacare and the strong opposition it faced for it to get through the Supreme Court. This relates to government and law, because it had to get through the supreme court and it tested the sometimes blurred line that federalism creates between the state and national government, which was displayed by the six hours of oral argument over Obabmacare.

Buster Meyer's comment, April 20, 2014 12:45 AM
I think Obamacare was a really bad idea. It's a good article though. I was surprised it had a 6 hour argument on it!
Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:56 AM
This article is about ObamaCare and the strong opinions that come with it. This healthcare movement confuses the branches of government, a lot will happened and people and citizens won't know whats going on and everything will eventually be messed up.
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Using Humor in the Classroom

Using Humor in the Classroom | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
“But why do I have to go? School is not fun!” That quote is from a first-grade child, asking his mom why he has to go every single day to this place that he was told was going to be a lot of fun,

Via Gordon Shupe
pdowds30's insight:

Education is essential to succeed in modern day America. Not all of our founding fathers were educated in a classroom environment, nor were they required to go to school, as most students are today. Being told what to do as a child or teenager is never enjoyable unless it involves mom commanding you to eat ice cream for dinner or to pick on your siblings. Children were taught to enjoy school in earlier times because it was a privilege to most. Nowadays, sitting in the same building for numerous hours, when we could clearly be doing something that pertains more to our personal interest, is not ideal. If all students had a class to look forward to during the day, whether it be the students enrolled in it or the teacher's attitude toward teaching it, maybe not all of us would dread the idea of a class room 5 days a week.

Gordon Shupe's curator insight, April 3, 2014 3:00 PM

Did any of your students laugh, smile, or have fun today while learning?

Logan Felten's comment, April 12, 2014 11:18 PM
A lot of kids don't have the opportunity to have a good education and when it's offered to them they are the students that thrive to learn and want to go to school. If you have a child that is offered school and they attend 5 days a week like a job they aren't going to want to strive to learn or want to be there. Although we are given the opportunity to choose what electives we want, there isn't a wide variety of options. Students have different interests and a student who wants to be a photographer isn't going to want to work as hard in, say, a math class verses an offered photography class.
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France Spent $20 Billion on Trains That Don't Fit Its Stations

France Spent $20 Billion on Trains That Don't Fit Its Stations | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
France's national railway operator, SNCF, recently ordered 2,000 new trains at a cost of more than $20 billion. Now, it's found out that they're too big for many of the stations they're supposed to pass through. And this isn't the kind of order you can return.

Via Rene Guitart
pdowds30's insight:

This is just another article that points out Frances ignorance.  quite a simple fix however.. Just make everything else bigger.  The engineers will be working overtime the next couple  of years . At least there will be no shortage of laborer positions

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:43 AM
People could find a lot of work in laborer postitions because there will be a lot available. France doesn't really use its brain the way it should. Not everything needs to be bigger to be more efficient and successful.
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Flooded By Gold Smuggling, India's New Cabinet Prepares To Lift Gold Capital Controls | Zero Hedge

It's the same old story: in order to make its economy appear healthier than it is, India attempted to centrally-plan and force a country of 1.2 billion to stop buying gold, going against centuries of, pardon the pun, tradition. It failed, and the result was an epic surge in gold smuggling. So now, with a new government in place, India is considering lifting the world's most draconian gold capital controls since FDR issued Executive Order 6102. Will it? And what will that mean for the price of gold? Find out soon enough.

Via Hal
pdowds30's insight:

I believe India is now on the right track.  the efforts that India's government has made in the past to tax imports of gold has only increased illegal activity and corruption. By removing these import taxes hopefully the crazy amounts of inflation that has been putting all of India's middleclass  in poverty  will slowly decrease. 

No comment yet.
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Minnesota 'safe harbor' law serves as federal model for combating ...

Minnesota 'safe harbor' law serves as federal model for combating ... | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
Among their goals: expand nationwide what has worked in Minnesota, a “safe harbor” law meant to treat girls who are trafficked as victims of a crime rather than criminals themselves. “We'll give safe harbor to young girls or juveniles, maybe ...
pdowds30's insight:

Sex trafficking has become a large issue in the united states. The strategy used by minnesota officials baffles me. I'm also relieved to know that I live in a state that is smart about decriminalization. This needs to be stopped and I'm glad federal officials are taking action on it.

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:46 AM
I'm so thankful to know I live in a smart state unlike the procedure the United States. Sex trafficking is a serious matter and needs to be put down, i'm glad the federal officials are trying to do so because it needs to stop.
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Big Government Vs. Small Government

Big Government Vs. Small Government | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly | Misconceptions about concepts like ‘big government’ and ‘small government’ that prevail in the society today, have resulted in a great deal of confusion about these political concepts. When asked what would they prefer―a big government with a large number of services, o...

Via callousseo1
pdowds30's insight:

Posts like these are what make Americans either appreciate or question our government immensely. We ask what they think is truly in our best interest and why we can't determine this ourselves. i don't question why big governments operate the way they do because they're usually successful if executed in the right way. The average citizen is not capable of handling the every day stressors our government has to deal with, even if it were individualized for each person.

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:48 AM
I think this article does a good job on explaining the differences between big government to small governments. It explains the benefits and setbacks of both.
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United Church of Christ sues North Carolina over same-sex marriage law ... - The Plain Dealer

United Church of Christ sues North Carolina over same-sex marriage law ... - The Plain Dealer | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
United Church of Christ sues North Carolina over same-sex marriage law ...
pdowds30's insight:

Another same-sex marriage issues hits the news, surprise! I find it annoying that the state governments have any say in someone's religious beliefs. Our federal government (obviously prevailing over the state) says in the first amendment that any citizen of the United States has the freedom to practice their own religion. 

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:51 AM
The state governments shouldn't have a say in someone's beliefs or their religion. Our government, the ones who are against same-sex marriage, are the ones who made the amendments. In the first amendment freedom of religion and beliefs is protected, they're going against something they created.
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Ten Reasons the United States Government Must Be Abolished

Ten Reasons the United States Government Must Be Abolished | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
When freedom answers despotism...
"Abolish the United States government?  Are you insane?!

Via Poppen Report
pdowds30's insight:

While some of these reasons are logical, others are completely irrational and possibly insane. The government lives in some secret because the average citizen is not able to process and remain calm about information essential to successful governance. The United States is still home to many of the most free people in the world. Our constitution is the longest living, and why change something that is already successful?

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:23 AM
I agree, the government sometimes keeps things from us in secret because some people can't comprehend the facts. I don't think we need to change a nation who is one of the free and has lived the longest successfully. They keep some things in secret in order to keep peace and keep the nation running efficiently and smoothly.
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School: No 1st Amendment here!

School: No 1st Amendment here! | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |

WND.comSchool: No 1st Amendment here! When “Survivors,” as they refer to themselves, fan out across the country, making stops at over 200 public high schools each year, they are trained to know their First Amendment rights, and how to obey the...

pdowds30's insight:

This article displays the ignorance of some police officers today. The rights offered to citizens by the first amendment are a required study for a police officer to become a police officer. I'm baffled that many are not aware of the constitution 

Katelynn Krook's comment, February 25, 2014 12:15 AM
I really don't think it was necessary for them to get arrested, sidewalks are public and everyone has the right to be on them! I agree with Isaac I think the girl really just overreacted and it took it to far.
Brian Bertram's curator insight, April 22, 2014 1:31 PM

The cops in this article were not doing there jobs correctly.  They were arresting protester on a public sidewalk. These protesters were protected under the first amendment.  The cops ignored these laws and arrested them anyways because people were complaining.  One cop said that he was making an arrest based off of no laws. He said the broke "my law".

Logan Felten's comment, May 27, 2014 9:18 AM
The cops are doing their job correctly by arresting on a public sidewalk. The protesters are protected under the first amendment so the cops are going against the 1st amendment and the protesters rights to freedom of speech. The arresting part of it might not have been needed, maybe a warning but even then, they're protected under the 1st amendment.
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Constitution Day 2013 | Lapin Law Offices

Constitution Day 2013 | Lapin Law Offices | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
Constitution Day, which is observed every September 17, commemorates the signing of the United States Constitution.

Via Jeffrey Lapin
pdowds30's insight:

I think creating days that celebrate our constitution and citizenship makes every American a little more proud of their country. It leads me to believe that as long as you can take pride in something, it should almost always succeed. A big thank you to James Madison for writing this extravagant document and to the other 38 founding fathers for signing it into action. 'MERICA!

Michael Hanson's comment, April 12, 2014 12:26 PM
Having a day just to celebrate the Constitution seems right in a country such as ours, where we hold our countries democracy and freedom to such high values. We should get out of school for this day.
Logan Felten's comment, April 12, 2014 11:13 PM
The Constitution should still be recognized today because it's what has kept our country running smoothly for so long. Having a day just to celebrate it would remind people just how lucky they are to live in America and realize all of the great things they have and opportunities they are given. The Constitution is apart of our history and should be celebrated.
Lakin's comment, April 13, 2014 1:23 AM
The Constitution is a very important document to America. It was the first document that made America's government what it is today! It helped us make sure that our country ran smoothly and orderly so know one would get hurt. I believe we should still celebrate the Constitution because it was part of America's history and stepping stone into our government.
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Gay Marriage Attitudes 2001-2014 - Pew Religion Project

Gay Marriage Attitudes 2001-2014 - Pew Religion Project | Gov & Law- Paige Dowd-Skelly |
A series of graphics shows how public opinion toward same-sex marriage has changed in Pew Research Center polls since 2001. See how much opinion varies by generation, religious group, gender, race and political party.

Via Teresa Herrin
pdowds30's insight:

People, whether directly involved or completely uninvolved, will always have something to say about same-sex marriage. Its stated in the 1st Amendment that we, as citizens of the United States, possess the freedom of religion (the original basis of marriage). It would be unconstitutional for the government to outlaw same-sex marriage. Not that all citizens support the constitution, but it would only make sense that you agree to the laws that exist in your country.

Logan Felten's comment, April 12, 2014 11:11 PM
I agree. People who have a strong belief in something are going to fight for it. Like blacks fighting for equality, they fought for it and now blacks and whites are equal. Whether people want to face the idea or not, if someone is passionate about something they will fight for it and will continue to. It may not pass 100% but in future generations same-sex marriage will be of the norm.