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A Case for the 2nd Amendment: N.C. Dad Victim of Road Rage

A Case for the 2nd Amendment: N.C. Dad Victim of Road Rage | Gov & Law |
A North Carolina father is being hailed as a hero after he acted to save his daughter from a man determined to ram his way into his vehicle.

Via Randy L. Dixon Rivera
Shelby Adams's insight:

The man who did this makes no sense at all, what reason do you have for ramming into another car? They got extremely lucky in getting away before he could cause physical harm to them.There are many people who carry firearms for the wrong reasons, but they are needed in rare situations. People are put in situations for reason at all and when they are caught up into something awful they want to be prepared. I see no problem with someone carrying a firearm if they only use it when their lives are on the line or they are trying to help someone else. Do you think it is acceptable to carry firearms?

Randy L. Dixon Rivera's curator insight, February 13, 2014 9:03 PM

911 is to report a homicide not prevent one.

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IOC Forces U.S. Olympic Goalie To Take Constitution Off Mask

IOC Forces U.S. Olympic Goalie To Take Constitution Off Mask | Gov & Law |
That up there was the mask U.S. women's hockey goalie Jessie Vetter was going to wear at the Sochi Olympics. At least until the IOC forced her to take an image of the Constitution off the back.

Via MsHaeussinger, Sfitzg35
Shelby Adams's insight:

I think it was a strange request for an American Olympian to have to remove the constitution off her mask. The constitution is basically our entire government and it shows how strong of a country we are. I'm sure they had a good reason, but why do you think they made her remove it from the mask?

Kelsey Von Berge's comment, February 9, 2014 7:34 PM
I think that showing pride in one's country and the constitution created by our founding fathers is a great thing to see in the Olympics.
Madisen Schimek's comment, February 10, 2014 12:42 AM
I completely agree. Having this on someone's helmet shouldn't have to do with any of it. It's the game of hockey, he is just repressing his country.
Madisen Schimek's comment, February 10, 2014 12:43 AM
Representing *
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Police chief calls for rape cases rethink after woman's death

Police chief calls for rape cases rethink after woman's death | Gov & Law |
Greater Manchester's Sir Peter Fahy pushes for reform after death of Tracy Shelvey days after man cleared of attacking her A woman has killed herself days after a man was cleared of raping her, prompting Greater Manchester's police chief and his...

Via stevebatch
Shelby Adams's insight:

The problems with making victims testify in court is a repeating problem that needs to be reviewed. They need to make the process of reporting, and testifying after a rape less grueling for the victims. More about the accused and less about the details of every flaw the victims have ever made. The amount of people who are accused of rape that walk is too high to torture the rape victim with repeating every second of their attack over and over. The courts should look into a way to have the accused tried without destroying the victims. 

MsHaeussinger's comment, February 9, 2014 11:48 AM
Shelby, these are great stories! You have really great insights, here, too!
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Council says no to lollipop person at school as road is too DANGEROUS

Council says no to lollipop person at school as road is too DANGEROUS | Gov & Law |
City of York Council claimed the road in the village of Bishopthorpe breached its workplace health and safety rules, as crossing workers were at risk of being hit by a vehicle.

Via David Cant CMIOSH
Shelby Adams's insight:

Why someone would rather let kids cross a busy street, alone, than put a crossing guard out I do not understand. I think that the safety of a child should be the most important thing to a school and they should be ashamed to say its too dangerous for an adult and let children cross it. What do you think the school should do?

Yesenia Gibson's curator insight, March 6, 2014 3:48 PM

This article is about how the city council doesn't want there to be a cross guard helping guide the kids and traffic. I don't think it's very smart because even though the roads and dangerous an adult will have more knowledge than a child. Do you think the crossing guard should stay?

Darby Dodds's comment, March 6, 2014 3:52 PM
I think that there should be a crossing guard. You are putting those children's lives at risk. By having a crossing guard there will be adult supervision and protection.
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State law prevents Maine bars, brewers from posting alcohol by volume content

BELFAST, Maine — The beers on tap at Three Tides & Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. on the Belfast waterfront are creative, delicious and brewed with ingredients as diverse as coffee, chile peppers and oysters. They can also be quite strong, with the alcohol by volume content of the beers ranging [...]
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Nancy Pelosi’s Call for Changing the Constitution

Nancy Pelosi’s Call for Changing the Constitution | Gov & Law |
Arguing it would restore democracy, two top House Democrats pushed for sweeping legislation to reverse the Supreme Court's ruling in the Citizens United speech case, including a constitutional amendment limiting campaign contributions and instituting a taxpayer-financing system. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. John...
Shelby Adams's insight:

Nancy wants to amend the constitution to limit the campaign contributions and make it tax refundable to those who contribute. I think this would be a good idea because they could get more people to donate smaller. she also wants to try to get minorities and younger adults to become more involved in voting which would be a great contribution to the elections considering every vote does make a difference. 

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